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    AL PotW...

    If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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      Jake Kaplan @jakemkaplan
      Carlos Correa in April: .233/.309/.349
      Carlos Correa in May: .385/.457/.670

      Per Elias, Correa is the 2nd player in Astros history to record 300 hits/50 home runs within first 300 career games. Berkman was the other.
      If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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        Looking back on Carlos Correa’s first two years in the majors

        The Astros rebuild from earlier this decade was often met with ridicule and questions. Some argued that the team didn’t need to be blown up and begged ownership to spend money on free agents. Others didn’t argue against the rebuild per se, but they definitely didn’t like the way it was carried out by the front office. And there were individuals who supported the front office’s rebuild, either wholeheartedly or with a touch of slight pessimism. You can put me, unashamedly I might add, in the wholehearted group.

        At the center of the Astros rebuild was the first overall pick of the 2012 MLB draft, which turned into a young shortstop from Puerto Rico. His name is Carlos Correa. And he may very well become one of the greatest Astros in franchise history.

        Of course, it is still too early to make such a bold proclamation. We simply do not know how Correa’s career will pan out over the long-term. We do not even know whether all of his seasons will be spent as an Astro. Every indicator is pointing up, though. But we do not have the benefit of a crystal ball. All I ask is that he doesn’t have the same fate befell him like Dickie Thon decades earlier.

        All we can do at this time is look back upon Correa’s major league debut, which happened two years ago yesterday, and remind ourselves that the Astros got this one right.
        Today in 2015, Carlos Correa makes his major league debut. @astros@TeamCJCorrea

        — Houstorian (@Houstorian) June 8, 2017
        Thanks to Baseball Reference, we can see how Correa performed on his major league debut against the Chicago White Sox.
        6/8/15 Stat Line: 4 AB, 1 H, RBI, SO, .022 WPA
        Unfortunately, the Astros lost to score 3-to-1 that day. They also lost the next two games against the White Sox. But this didn’t matter in the grand scheme as Correa was finally in the majors. The rebuild was one step closer to being a success.

        In the two years that have followed since Correa’s debut, he has blossomed into one the game’s top stars. Between his AL Rookie of the Year in 2015 and his continued growth as a player in 2016, the future was bright heading into this season. His career up to this point has been a resounding success in terms of productivity.

        If you scour the leaderboards across the reputable sites (Baseball-Reference, Fangraphs, etc.), you will notice that the Astros shortstop’s name appears quite high on various lists.
        Fangraphs WAR from 2015-17: 10.7 WAR, 21st out of all qualified batters

        Fangraphs wRC+ from 2015-17: 130 wRC+, 25th out of all qualified batters

        Baseball-Reference WAR/pos from 2015-17: 12.7 WAR/pos, 15th out of all qualified batters

        Baseball-Reference OPS+ from 2015-17: 132 OPS+, 25th out of all qualified batters with at least 300 plate appearances
        If you drill down further by position, which would be shortstop in this instance, Correa rockets up the WAR leaderboards. Fangraphs WAR by position has him ranked fifth since his debut in 2015. Baseball-Reference WAR places Correa first amongst shortstops who have played at least 50% of their games at the position. Basically, Correa has been one of the more valuable players in baseball. When you consider that there are 750 active players in the majors today, then this is a noteworthy accomplishment.

        The only area in his game where Correa may lack in any distinguishable manner is his defense. If you somewhat trust UZR or DRS, you will find Correa in the negative with -4 DRS and -9.8 UZR from his debut in 2015 through Thursday. This puts roughly in the middle of pack defensively at his position. But this doesn’t mean he can’t make some great plays in the field.
        Carlos Correa BIG Defense!! #MLB #Astros #SpringTraining

        — All Sport News (@All_SportNews) March 3, 2017
        Sure, the play was from Spring Training, but you get the point. While Correa’s defense likely won’t win him any Gold Gloves anytime soon, he can still make defensive plays that will drop your jaw.

        There is no doubt that the Astros chose wisely when Correa was made the first overall pick in 2012. His career up to this point has been a validation of sorts for the Astros. The plan is working and Correa is one of the faces for it. Let’s just hope that his career produces more of the fond memories we have developed in his first two years.

        **Statistics courtesy of Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference**
        If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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          Houston Astros @astros
          Astros have placed Carlos Correa on the 10-day disabled list with a torn ligament in his left thumb. He is expected to miss 6 to 8 weeks.
          Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal
          Sources: #Astros’ Correa might need surgery on his left thumb. No final determination yet.
          Jake Kaplan @jakemkaplan
          Jeff Luhnow: “We do expect Carlos to return to the club in September and be ready to contribute down the stretch.”
          If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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            Mark Berman @MarkBermanFox26
            Carlos Correa posted pics on Instagram before & after surgery on his left thumb (torn ligament): "Successful surgery. Ready for what's next"

            If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.