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Rockets land the beard James Harden

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    Rockets too a giant leap into respectability again.

    Martin was as disgruntled as they come. His feeling were hurt after the failed Gasol trade. i don't think he ever recovered from that. I know he realizes it's another contract year, so in the pre season he picked up his britches; now he's playing well. But, the Rockets don't need that type of player with young developing talent.

    Lamb could be a star, and all signs point to yes. But he's still unproven and the NBA isn't too kind to 6'7" 170lb players. He's a bean pole!! Almost an oxymoron in the NBA, but gessh the guy looks thin.

    And Future #1 draft picks are worthless to this current team - youth is prevalent (aren't the Rockets the youngest team in the league?). This season the Rockets got 3 draft picks in a deep draft. There is no guarantee that there will be deep draft next go around.

    Harden is on the verge of a break out stardom. And The Rockets stand poised to be he home team for a good stretch of that prime playing time.

    Excellent trade!!! Some risk, but the Rockets look to have pulled out the best talent out of the trade.


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      I like the trade.

      It's not like we did much last season.
      Want to learn everything about the Texans cap? There is no better site out there than this one. Thanks Troy. Amazing work buddy!


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        With all of these moves do we really have anyone left from last years squad?

        Does this kind of change happen often in the NBA?


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          Originally posted by xx_Texans_xx View Post
          With all of these moves do we really have anyone left from last years squad?

          Does this kind of change happen often in the NBA?
          I wouldn't know. I don't remember anyone from last years squad.

          And they say I'm not a fan. Well, I suppose THEY are right...for once.

          And now the Astros are trying out the Rockets 'successful strategy'.

          I don't know why owners think their laundry is so attractive.
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            Originally posted by xx_Texans_xx View Post
            With all of these moves do we really have anyone left from last years squad?

            Does this kind of change happen often in the NBA?
            This years projected starting lineup will have 1 player from last years starting lineup, Chandler Parsons, and it was his rookie year last season. We also have Patrick Patterson in his 3rd season and he might be the starting power forward this year. And there was Marcus Morris, who was a rookie last season who spend most of his time either in the D league or on the bench. Also Greg Smith who played very limited games with Houston last season.

            But that's it. Its basically a completely new roster from top to bottom and I don't recall such a drastic change being made by any nba team the way the Rockets did it this off season. As their new motto goes, it is a "new age".


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              Well Harden drops a fat 45 tonight on the Hawks after the 37 Wed night. The backcourt of 713 (call it fate) looks great.

              Hell, even Lebron was reading aloud Hardens stat line in the locker room to Wade after the Knick game.


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                Originally posted by AZTexan View Post
                Well Harden drops a fat 45 tonight on the Hawks after the 37 Wed night. The backcourt of 713 (call it fate) looks great.

                Hell, even Lebron was reading aloud Hardens stat line in the locker room to Wade after the Knick game.
                I'm glad the Howard trade didn't happen. I doubt we would of landed Harden if it did
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                  2 games in and so far it looks like all the decisions made this off season were pure gold. Harden is playing on fire.

                  This is a really fun time for Houston sports. Texans finally kicking into gear while the Rockets and Astros begin new eras that look to be successful as well.


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                    Imma equate the harden trade to a lottery pick. The guy is so young and we locked him down for years. I have to give our GM his dues. And finally, some size in the back court. I had forgotten what championship intensity basketball looks like, harden brings it. Now we need a post game, a guy like lamarcus aldridge, or we'll be just like the bulls.


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                      I like our young core. We know the expectations of Lin and he should at the very least be a solid starting point guard for Houston. He is still and young and will continue to develop. Harden is already an explosive scorer and his all around game is coming along. He is only 23 and will continue to develop. Chandler Parsons is only in his 2nd year, already a good man to man defender. He will develop into that glue guy on defense, vital to a championship team. Not only that but he is also versatile on offense and is very capable, unlike many known defenders who are liabilities on offense or are limited to spot up shooting. Asik is already developed defensively and is a solid rebounder. He is in his 3rd year and will continue to develop... as far as his offensive game, he looks like he will develop into a serviceable big on offense, at least not a liability.

                      The only thing really missing in our starting lineup is that post threat on offense. We have a lot of young power forwards between Patrick Patterson, Terrence Jones, D-Mo etc... that were waiting on to develop. Also there are key guys that look promising, in Marcus Morris, Greg Smith, and Royce White.

                      Very interesting group of young players. All I have to say to the fans is be patient. This is a young promising team but they are young. They are not ready to compete but realistic expectations is that they could be fighting for a playoff spot. But the future looks bright. As much as Morey has been criticized for not being able to deliver, he is persistent and continues to put effort in building a good roster.


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                        I 'll give Morey an A+ for effort, that's for darn sure.


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                          My farewell post to the rockets this season.


                          Harden is an a hole on court and I like it.


                          he might have the sickest euro step in the game


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                            Rockets, James Harden agree to $118M renegotiation
                            Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical
                            Houston Rockets All-Star guard James Harden has agreed to a four-year, $118 million renegotiation that could keep him under contract through 2020, league sources told The Vertical.

                            The deal assures the Rockets of one additional year of Harden under contract in 2018-19 because of a player option that could return him to free agency in 2019, sources said.

                            Rockets owner Leslie Alexander made the surprise announcement at a news conference in Houston on Saturday, where the Rockets had planned to introduce the new free-agent signings of Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon and Nene.

                            "There's no indecision," Harden said at the news conference. "There's no doubt. There's new life."

                            A provision in the collective bargaining agreement allows Houston to use its own salary cap space to renegotiate the final two years of Harden’s contract – and add two additional years onto the deal.

                            For Houston, it is a coup to have Harden secured past 2018, allowing the franchise to continue to build around him for the long term. Harden has bought into coach Mike D’Antoni’s vision and wanted to make a longer commitment to the franchise.

                            "We're building a new core with James here," Houston general manager Daryl Morey said at the news conference.

                            Harden had two years and $34.6 million left on his deal through 2018, and the renegotiation gives him nearly $10 million and $11 million raises on those salaries – and two new years in 2018-19 and 2019-20 at $30.4 million and $32.7 million a year, respectively.

                            In total, the Rockets are paying Harden an additional $83.5 million over the next four years.

                            Harden, 26, is a four-time All-Star and two-time first-team All-NBA selection. He was traded to the Rockets in 2012 in a deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder and led the Rockets to the 2015 Western Conference finals.

                            Is there a no-Kardashian clause...?
                            If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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                              James Harden sports determined look to match serious deal
                              I saw a different James Harden on a day no one expected to see him. Then I discovered the Rockets' leader we've all been trying to find.

                              The Weird Beard was gone. The official face of Les Alexander's rebranded franchise calmly sat five feet in front of my stunned eyes. Harden sounded different. He looked deeper and his words felt stronger. Aloofness and indifference had departed. Understanding had arrived.

                              "That's one of the reasons why I wanted to lock in for these next four years, so I could focus on my legacy. I could focus on winning and doing unbelievable things here that hasn't been done in a long time," said Harden, hours after agreeing to a $118 million contract extension that could keep one of the league's greatest offensive players living in Houston through 2020.

                              Was Harden really saying these things?

                              In the sun-scorched NBA summer of Kevin Durant to the 73-win Warriors and Dwight Howard intentionally flying away from H-Town, was the former sixth man who went bad Hollywood finally seeing the real light?

                              Toyota Center belongs to him. The Rockets will only be as good as his pro and personal names.

                              A worldwide brand and the baller's life aren't worth anything if your teammates and fans don't believe in you. Legacy really is everything.

                              Harden proudly swore he got it all. And as general manager Daryl Morey quietly pulled off the Rockets' biggest move since Superman landed in Texas three long years ago, the NBA's leading vote-getter in the love him/hate him category pledged his allegiance to the hardwood in downtown Houston.

                              The Legacy of Bigs has been washed away. The Legacy of Harden is here.

                              "We're going to build it and build it until we get it," he said.

                              Then Harden said all the words I've been waiting on him to say for years. And, people, let me tell you: The Beard sounded like he meant it all.

                              "Last year wasn't a great year for me. But it won't happen again."

                              "Leaders aren't built when things are going extremely well. So I had to learn from it. I had to figure out, how can I be better individually? How can I grasp my team and bring us a lot closer? … I've learned so much.

                              "Starting with this summer and training camp, we're going to be all in."

                              All in? The Rockets?!

                              OK. Seriously. Who are you, and what have you done with the old James Harden?

                              "I'm just proud of him. … I see him taking charge and just growing as a man," said Harden's mother, Monja.

                              Let's be honest, red-and-yellow believers: Last year was hell. Kevin McHale was beheaded; the barely average Rockets were too often too cool to care; Howard and Harden divorced; No. 13 probably spent a little too much time pursuing a bad-luck Kardashian.

                              But Saturday at Toyota Center, when maybe-they-can-help Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon were supposed to be the organization's only free-agency slide show? It became Rockets heaven the second those two dudes - promising, if they don't break anything delicate - stepped aside.

                              Why's Harden strolling through those doors?

                              Why are Mike D'Antoni, Morey and Alexander figuring out where to sit in seats they've sat in?

                              Wait, wait, wait. Is this what the Rockets' PR staff was hinting at when it slyly said a 30-minute delayed news conference was being held up because the NBA had to approve a "contract?" And how did a team that struggled to play a lick of decent defense in 2015-16 manage to keep a major big-money deal off everyone's Twitter timeline?

                              Holy ___. The Rockets pulled it all off.

                              Unlike Oklahoma City, they locked up Harden into possibly the next decade. They prevented the potential of a disastrous 2018 hostage situation, with the city freaking out every brain-numbing time "Harden," "free agency" or "trade" hit the rumor wires. They crowned Morey's two-year, title-contender plan with a flag that will be waved from coast to coast across the NBA country. The Rockets have a superstar. And all he's doing is staying.

                              "We're building a new core with James here for a long time," Morey said.

                              Now a 26-year-old with a sweet $200 million shoe deal and a sparkling $118 million extension just has to prove it all. We were hard on Harden before. The spotlight will only burn brighter after Saturday's mega-payday.

                              LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Russell Westbrook and Durant have what in common with Michael Jordan and the game's greatest of all time? They got better each year in their primes and never accepted the 41-41, no-defense look.

                              D'Antoni's controversial hire and the Rockets' new run-free system will be graded on how great Harden - a near MVP two years ago; coldly left off three All-NBA teams last season - can be.

                              It's unbearable weight for anyone who's not a legit top-five player and a true team leader.

                              It's a life - the role, look and words - Harden finally sounded like he understood on a day that suddenly belonged to him.

                              "There's new life here," said The Beard, still looking like his old self but sounding like a brand-new Rocket.

                              Brian T.Smith

                              Renegotiating James Harden's contract meets long- and short-term goals
                              LAS VEGAS - Rockets general manager Daryl Morey paced around the Cox Pavilion court, his Blackberry pressed to his ear, the future of the franchise in his hands.

                              Morey had a ticket for the red-eye to take him back to Houston for Saturday's news conference. But he did not know if he would bring franchise-shaping news to go with the planned introductions of free-agent additions forward Ryan Anderson and guard Eric Gordon.

                              By the time the summer league game Friday ended, talks had progressed to the point Morey was set to meet with James Harden's agent that night. While the Lakers and Pelicans played on the floor below, Morey and Rob Pelinka moved far from the rest of the Thomas and Mack Center crowd and hammered out the deal that had the Rockets celebrating nearly as happily as they did the night they completed the trade to bring Harden from Oklahoma City.

                              The move Saturday could be just as crucial. The Rockets and Harden, 26, reached agreement on a four-year, $118 million contract, replacing the two years he had left on his current deal. Harden has a player option for the final season, 2019-20. But prior to the contract extension, Harden was in position to become a free agent after the 2017-18 season.

                              With the deal, the Rockets not only are assured their star will be under contract for three more seasons, they can enter next summer's loaded free-agent market able to promise the team's best player and face of the franchise would stick around.

                              Harden last season averaged career bests in scoring (29 points per game), rebounding (6.1) and assists (7.5) to join LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson as the only players to average at least 29 points, six rebounds and seven assists in a season.

                              The Rockets would have had two years to build around that. But if they could not land a star partner for Harden, they were at risk of losing him. Instead, they sent a message.

                              "That's the kind of organization we're trying to build," Rockets owner Leslie Alexander said, "where people know we're going to try to win all the time, and they want to be here."

                              Once the Rockets failed to land a max player this summer, they had the cap room for Harden's larger contract - worth $26,540,000 next season -- and he committed to creating the legacy he said he thinks about "all the time" in Houston.

                              "I haven't thought about anything else," Harden said. "So, I'm here."

                              The Rockets, who are also working to bring back restricted free-agent forward Donatas Motiejunas, would have to move one contract to have room to offer a max contract next summer but have multiple cap-friendly contracts to offer if necessary. There will be far more stars than this season, in a class that could include Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Gordon Hayward, Kyle Lowry and Paul Millsap.

                              The next step for the Rockets would be to rebuild an image as a team on the rise, a reputation that had been sacrificed in the dysfunctional fall to 41-41. They could not get an audience with Durant and could not land Al Horford, the two max players who switched teams. With the additions of Gordon, Anderson and Nene, they hope to hit the next free-agency period with momentum they did not have this summer.

                              "I think it's a win-win situation," Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni said. "It really showed how everybody wants to be in this situation. It's a real partnership with James. That's a positive. Team-wise, everybody has long contracts. That takes the pressure off. Everybody is focused on the most important thing; that's winning. That's all it's about.

                              "We're going to try to win today, set the culture right, set right tones, and keep moving forward. It's not 'Oh, my gosh, what if he leaves?' It's a great day for James and the organization."

                              Without locking up Harden, the Rockets would have been building on quicksand. Anything that looked good on the surface, would have been on too insecure a foundation to lead to more.

                              "It's extremely important when you're talking to folks about joining your team," Morey said. "You have the main core in place. Obviously, James is the most important part of that. It was a no-brainer."
                              If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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                                Houston Rockets ‏@HoustonRockets
                                An open letter to Red Nation from @JHarden13:

                                If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.