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    Brett McMurphy @McMurphyESPN
    Baylor dismisses coach Art Briles, source told @espn. Briles informed players via text, source said. Announcement expected at noon ET
    Adam Wexler @awexlerKPRC
    Briles 65-37 in 8 yrs at Baylor, 32-7 over last 3 years. Number of player issues still rising.
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    Baylor University Board of Regents announces leadership changes and extensive corrective actions following findings of external investigation

    May 26, 2016
    Board of Regents apologizes to Baylor Nation; Dr. David Garland named interim University President; Ken Starr transitions to role of Chancellor and remains professor at Baylor University Law School; Head Football Coach Art Briles suspended with intent to terminate; Athletic Director Ian McCaw sanctioned and placed on probation; University self-reports to NCAA; Task Force responsible for implementing recommendations formed and operative; Findings of Fact and Recommendations made available

    WACO, Texas (May 26, 2016) – In Fall 2015, Baylor University's Board of Regents engaged outside counsel Pepper Hamilton, LLP (Pepper) to conduct an independent and external review of Baylor's institutional response to Title IX and related compliance issues through the lens of specific cases.

    Key findings of the investigation reflect a fundamental failure by Baylor to implement Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013 (VAWA). The findings include:
    • The University's student conduct processes were wholly inadequate to consistently provide a prompt and equitable response under Title IX; Baylor failed to consistently support complainants through the provision of interim measures; and in some cases, the University failed to take action to identify and eliminate a potential hostile environment, prevent its recurrence or address its effects.
    • Actions by University administrators directly discouraged some complainants from reporting or participating in student conduct processes and in one instance constituted retaliation against a complainant for reporting sexual assault.
    • In addition to broader University failings, Pepper found specific failings within both the football program and Athletics department leadership, including a failure to identify and respond to a pattern of sexual violence by a football player and to a report of dating violence.
    • There are significant concerns about the tone and culture within Baylor's football program as it relates to accountability for all forms of student athlete misconduct.
    • Over the course of their review, Pepper investigated the University's response to reports of a sexual assault involving multiple football players. The football program and Athletics department leadership failed to take appropriate action in response to these reports.
    “We were horrified by the extent of these acts of sexual violence on our campus. This investigation revealed the University's mishandling of reports in what should have been a supportive, responsive and caring environment for students,” said Richard Willis, chair of the Baylor Board of Regents. “The depth to which these acts occurred shocked and outraged us. Our students and their families deserve more, and we have committed our full attention to improving our processes, establishing accountability and ensuring appropriate actions are taken to support former, current and future students.”

    Pepper's review was detailed, thorough and rigorous. Pepper had unfettered access to Baylor faculty, staff and administration. Pepper also spoke with students who have been impacted by interpersonal violence. Pepper Hamilton examined more than a million pieces of information – from correspondence to interviews to reports. The experiences of students impacted by interpersonal violence played a significant role in the investigation into the University's response. While those experiences informed the findings, the details of individual cases are protected by Federal law and will not be referenced in any document made public by the University.

    “We, as the governing Board of this University, offer our apologies to the many who sought help from the University. We are deeply sorry for the harm that survivors have endured,” said Ron Murff, chair-elect of the Baylor Board of Regents. “Baylor's mission to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community remains our primary imperative. The Board has taken decisive action to ensure the University's priorities are aligned with our unyielding commitment to that mission.”


    Following Pepper's comprehensive briefing, the Board charted a course of action that it believes is in the best interest of students and the long-term wellbeing of the University.

    “We were asked to provide a thorough and candid assessment. Baylor allowed us to follow the facts, without influence or interference, wherever they led, and Baylor's Board of Regents openly received sobering findings of failure within football, the Athletics Department and the University as a whole,” said Gina Maisto Smith and Leslie M. Gomez, partners with Pepper Hamilton, LLP. “We believe the choice to share these findings of fact publicly and acknowledge past failures is an important step for the University as it implements the recommendations derived from these findings.”


    The Pepper findings revealed a lack of strong institutional management and control on a number of levels. The Board's actions reflect a focus on the points at which the most significant levels of accountability and obligation should have been exercised.

    “We have made these decisions, because, above all, we must safeguard our students and our campus,” said Willis. “We must set a new course to ensure the leaders of the University place a premium on responding effectively and with sensitivity to those impacted by the tragedy of interpersonal violence.”

    The following personnel changes are effective immediately.
    • Ken Starr will no longer serve in the role of President of Baylor University effective May 31. David Garland, former dean and professor at Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary, will serve as Interim President of Baylor University while the University initiates a search for its next President. Garland previously served as Baylor's interim President from August 2008 to May 2010. Starr remains the Louise L. Morrison Chair of Constitutional Law in Baylor's Law School and has agreed in principle to serve as Chancellor on terms that are still being discussed.
    • Effective immediately, Head Football Coach Art Briles has been suspended indefinitely with intent to terminate according to contractual procedures.
    • Ian McCaw has been sanctioned and placed on probation. McCaw will work with University leadership and the Board of Regents to implement the recommendations as they relate to the restoration of a tone of accountability within the football program, to effective oversight and controls of the Athletics department, and to critically needed changes that will re-align the Athletics program with the University mission.
    • Additional members of the Administration and Athletics program have also been dismissed. Neither these individuals nor the disciplinary actions will be identified publicly.
    • Greg Jones, as Executive Vice President and Provost, serves as second in command and will continue to have responsibility for the academic enterprise and fulfillment of the University's Christian mission.
    • The roles of members of several University departments will be clarified and staff will be engaged in continuing and robust training before the start of the Fall 2016 semester.
    • The overall business operations of the University, including Athletics, will be executed primarily through Dr. Reagan Ramsower, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.
    • The Board of Regents has created the full-time position of Chief Compliance Officer that will report directly to the Office of the President.

    In addition to personnel changes, it is imperative the University leverages the investigation's findings to institute improvements to better strengthen its ability to prevent, investigate and respond to acts of interpersonal violence and care for those who are affected by these acts. The University has retained the services of Rick Evrard, of Bond, Schoenech & King, PLLC, and has made contact with the NCAA to initially discuss potential infractions and to offer full cooperation with any resulting investigation.

    Pepper provided recommendations to address deficiencies and process failures as outlined in the Findings of Fact. Among the areas of focus where improvements have been recommended:
    • Remedial and Restorative Remedies: Baylor will review all cases of interpersonal violence over the past three academic years, to offer remedies, identify any current need for investigation, or isolate any broad pattern or cultural implications. Consistent with Title IX, Baylor will contact victims and offer specific remedies to the individuals identified in Pepper's review.
    • Title IX: The work of the Title IX office, established in November 2014, provides prevention training, engages student advocates and supports those who experience interpersonal violence. Improvements call for clarifying roles and responsibilities within the office, better utilizing case management tools to coordinate care and support, and providing leadership to coordinate information across University functions. In addition, standardized protocols will be established to balance individual requests for anonymity with broader campus safety obligations. Other recommendations include committing sufficient infrastructure and resources to the Title IX office and support from senior leadership to ensure appropriate and informed administrative oversight.
    • Athletics: A wide range of changes will be implemented in Baylor's Athletics policies and procedures. The overall operations of the Athletics department will be integrated into the mainstream operations of the University. Significant attention will be given to ensuring policies are consistent across all students and student-athletes alike with consistent protocols that eliminate any appearance of preferential treatment. The University will create and maintain a culture of high moral standards among student-athletes and leadership to ensure Baylor Athletics places paramount importance on student welfare and abides by Title IX reporting obligations. The University will review policies and protocols regarding transfers and recruits as well as opportunities for Athletics personnel to integrate across non-athletics programs within the University.
    • Engagement & Education: The role of training, education and engagement of the entire Baylor community is vital to the successful transformation of our campus culture. A renewed emphasis on our faith commitment will permeate the work we do in this area over the coming months and years. Annual training will be required for all students, faculty, employees and contractors, with additional trauma-informed training for implementers, investigators and adjudicators. Additional focus will be given to establishing expectations for student organizations and interest groups as well as greater community engagement within campus residence halls. Additionally, the University will evaluate the climate on campus and undertake a more concerted effort to openly discuss prevention of and response to interpersonal violence.
    • Centralized Reporting and Resolution: A centralized hub of student conduct information will provide a level of “early warning” for those students who are at risk or who may place others at risk. The University will ensure the accountability of employees by making clear the violation of reporting obligations could be cause for discharge. Additionally, processes will be put in place to ensure all instances of interpersonal violence, regardless of where they originate, will be evaluated under the Title IX office.
    • Public Safety: Baylor has placed a priority on improving its professional public safety office with the hiring of new leadership and additional experienced officers. Continued training, the establishment of community partnerships and stronger collaboration among area law enforcement will be a focus of improvement. Improvements will also focus on establishing clear protocols for supporting the needs of individuals who have experienced interpersonal violence and establishing partnerships with advocacy organizations. The University will also revisit its protocol for sharing information between Waco Police Department and Baylor University Police Department.
    • Counseling and Advocacy: With more than $5 million allocated to improvements and staffing in the Baylor Counseling Center in the coming year, efforts are already underway to improve services, support, and access to this vital resource. Additional work will be done to enhance after-hours access and emergency crisis availability and coordination with Title IX staff. The University will establish dedicated victim-advocacy services for students who need help navigating recovery and continued pursuit of their education after an incident of assault.
    “Undergirding our work to implement the recommendations of Pepper Hamilton is a firm commitment to care for and develop the whole person – body, mind and spirit,” said Kevin Jackson, Vice President for Student Life. “We will continue to provide opportunities that help each student grow in their faith and become the person God has designed them to be. We commit to illustrate God's love and grace and to help them grow their own deep roots that hold them firmly in God's will for their lives.“


    An Executive-Level Task Force on Implementation, established by the Baylor Board of Regents, will act promptly to address Pepper's recommendations in the areas outlined above, Remedial and Restorative Remedies, Title IX, Athletics, Engagement and Education, Centralized Reporting and Resolution, Public Safety, and Counseling and Advocacy, as well as other areas across the University.

    The Task Force, which is led by Dr. Ramsower, includes implementation groups comprised of members of Baylor's faculty, staff and administration who share responsibility for identified areas and the holistic well-being of students in our campus community.

    Within the coming weeks, the Task Force will identify areas where improvements are already underway, areas for immediate implementation and areas for more thorough consideration. The Task Force and implementation groups will assess best practices across other universities, implement more complex recommendations by Pepper Hamilton and continue to move Baylor forward along a path of improvement.

    Periodic announcements will chronicle the work of the Task Force and implementation groups as they make improvements.


    The Findings of Fact, developed by the Board with guidance from Pepper, is available on the University website. Within the Findings of Fact, readers will find detailed assessments of system failures and comprehensive list of recommendations. These recommendations provide a roadmap for next steps and are based on industry best practices and Pepper's extensive experience helping universities nationwide establish systems to safeguard students, faculty and staff from sexual violence and take steps to ensure robust response and procedures.

    Over the course of the investigation, a special committee of the Board of Regents was periodically updated on Pepper's work. Additionally, in early May, Pepper presented their findings of fact and recommendations to Board leadership in Philadelphia and was onsite to brief the full Board during its May meeting in Waco. While no written report has been prepared, the Findings of Fact reflect the thorough briefings provided by Pepper and fully communicates the need for immediate action to remedy past harms, to provide accountability for University administrators and to make significant changes that can no longer wait.

    “We believe these Findings of Fact are forthright and critical to rebuild trust in Baylor University,” said Murff. “The Board was adamant that Pepper Hamilton's findings and recommendations be shared with the community with as much detail as possible.”
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      Good. He deserved it..long...ago. can't believe it took them this long.

      Some people put winning above being a decent human being. Joe Paterno, anyone?


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        Bruce Feldman ‏@BruceFeldmanCFB
        AWFUL: Baylor coaching staff "conducted their own untrained internal inquiries, outside of policy which improperly discredited complainants"
        Art Briles' firing at Baylor brings 'absolute relief' to alleged victim's family
        The news of Art Briles' firing sent shockwaves around the sports world. Briles won big at Baylor, turning a doormat program into a national powerhouse. The school built him a fancy new stadium and some of the best facilities in the Big 12. Many figured no matter how ugly the scandal involving a series of sexual assault and sexual violence cases perpetrated by Briles players was that the coach was still untouchable.

        Those folks were wrong, and news that Briles was canned Thursday made some people close to the Baylor community pleased.

        FOX Sports spoke with one of the alleged victim's family members about Briles' dismissal. He admitted his heart sank when there were reports earlier in the week that Baylor president Ken Starr was being fired by the board and would become the fall guy for the scandal and Briles was safe.

        "We were started to wonder, 'is he (Briles) really gonna get away with this?!' There's no way this can continue," the man told FOX Sports. "But after I heard the news, man, it's a relief, an absolute relief. Of course, it doesn't take everything back. But somebody who could've prevented this, is not getting away it.

        "You want some sort of justice. This just had to happen. It needed to."

        In addition to Briles' firing, Starr will no longer serve as the school's president and AD Ian McCaw has been sanctioned and placed on probation.
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          Art Briles' players are furious Baylor is going to fire him(USA TODAY Sports)
          Baylor has announced that is has suspended football coach Art Briles with the intent to terminate him after eight seasons. This decision comes following the sexual assault scandal involving several players in his program, and the controversy over the school’s mishandling of the incidents.

          Briles informed his team of his status via text message and before the university could issue a formal statement with the news, the players hit social media with a frenzy. Needless to say, they’re all very upset.

          4-star quarterback commit Kellen Mond. Would he re-open his recruitment?

          — .. Kellen™ ♛ ♰ ♛ (@TheKellenMond) May 26, 2016
          Junior linebacker Taylor Young went on a Twitter rant. Here’s some of it:

          you let go of the man who made this university relevant?
          i bet if we was 1-10 this wouldn't even make the local news

          — 1⃣ (@tyoung_01) May 26, 2016

          ill be an blind idiot over a man i believe in… @CoachArtBriles is a football coach he handles football..

          — 1⃣ (@tyoung_01) May 26, 2016

          anything with the outside of the lines of football the school and police handle..

          — 1⃣ (@tyoung_01) May 26, 2016

          my head chopped off and I'm panicking

          oh well….

          — 1⃣ (@tyoung_01) May 26, 2016

          I don't think I can play Baylor football without having my headcoach back leading the charge coach Briles did everything by the books!!!

          — 1⃣ (@tyoung_01) May 26, 2016

          i believe in my football team…we will come together…but one thing will remain the same.. i will continue to tweet

          — 1⃣ (@tyoung_01) May 26, 2016
          4-star running back Eno Benjamin, who is committed to Iowa:

          So glad I made the right choice and decided not to pursue Baylor. Smh

          — Eno Benjamin™ (@eno_benjamin5) May 26, 2016
          Senior safety Orion Stewart:

          Only reason I'm here today is Coach B.. Took a chance on a skinny *** kid wit barely any offers but had had faith in me and I did it 4 him!!

          — Orion Stewart (@OStewBU) May 26, 2016

          The respect I have 4 that man y'all don't even understand.. I'll put my all on the line 4 him‼️‼️‼️

          — Orion Stewart (@OStewBU) May 26, 2016

          Coach B just sent me a 3 word text… And I almost lost it smh love you boss man!!

          — Orion Stewart (@OStewBU) May 26, 2016
          Junior running back Johnny Jefferson:

          Not playing bro ….

          — Johnny jefferson (@johnnyjeff05) May 26, 2016
          Senior cornerback Reid Ryan:

          And for all the drama you can find at any school.. We still gonna be on top. We know y'all want us to fail so bad. But God got us so fr!

          — RR9. (@iamryanreid) May 26, 2016
          Former defensive end Shawn Oakman, who was arrested on a sexual assault charge:

          It be the same sword they knight you with they will use to night you with

          — Shawn Oakman (@PA2BU) May 26, 2016
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            The end of Baylor's Art Briles
            On Nov. 28, 2007, Baylor introduced Art Briles as its new head coach. The offensive genius from West Texas had his work cut out for him, taking over a program that had gone 35-101 in the Big 12 era, with zero bowl game appearances since 1994.

            The longtime high school coach had worked wonders at Houston from 2003 to '07, his first college head-coaching job, and he signed a seven-year contract to do the same in Waco.

            "My charge to director of athletics Ian McCaw was to locate a championship-caliber head football coach who embraced Baylor's Christian mission and could lead, inspire and win with integrity," Baylor president John Lilley said. "Ian has done an outstanding job and brings forward in Art Briles a person who can begin a new era for Baylor University football."

            But after a damning report from law firm Pepper Hamilton to the Board of Regents on May 13 that outlined a litany of sexual assaults and violent incidents involving players, Baylor announced on Thursday that it had suspended the 60-year-old Briles with intent to terminate.

            Here's a timeline of his nine-plus years in Waco:

            Feb. 6, 2008: Briles signs his first recruiting class at Baylor. The gem of the group is Copperas Cove quarterback Robert Griffin III, who'd previously committed to Briles at Houston. He's joined in the class by future All-America receivers Terrance Williams and Kendall Wright.

            Sept. 26, 2009: Griffin suffers a torn ACL in his right knee, ending his promising sophomore season after three games. The Bears struggle the rest of the way, finishing 4-8 for a second consecutive season.

            Oct. 30, 2010: With a healthy Griffin, Baylor clinches its first winning season since 1995 with a 30-22 road win at Texas, improving to 7-2. Another feat: Baylor enters the AP Top 25 for the first time since 1993. The Bears would go on to lose their final four games but ended the season with another milestone: their first bowl game in 16 years.

            Nov. 19, 2011: The night that put Baylor football on the national radar. Griffin connects with Williams for a 34-yard game-winning touchdown with 8 seconds left to pull off a stunning 45-38 upset of No. 5 Oklahoma. It's the signature victory for both Briles and Griffin. The Bears finish off the 2011 season on a six-game winning streak, including a wild 67-56 Alamo Bowl victory over Washington.

            Dec. 11, 2011: Griffin becomes the first Heisman Trophy winner in Baylor history. He'd leave Baylor after his junior season and become the No. 2 pick in the 2012 NFL draft.

            Sept. 15, 2012: Baylor breaks ground on McLane Stadium, its new 45,000-seat, on-campus stadium. The long-overdue upgrade would replace dilapidated Floyd Casey Stadium, Baylor football's home since 1950.

            Nov. 14, 2013: Briles agrees to a new 10-year contract through 2023. Financial terms aren't released, since Baylor is a private university. USA Today later reveals Briles made more than $5.3 million in base pay -- and nearly $6 million in total compensation -- in 2014, according the university's federal tax return.

            Dec. 7, 2013: In their final game at Floyd Casey Stadium, the Bears defeat Texas 30-10 to clinch their first conference championship since 1980. Though they would lose to UCF in the Fiesta Bowl, the 11-2 season still goes down as arguably the greatest in Baylor history.

            Jan. 3, 2014: Despite the contract extension, Briles is still a candidate for Texas' head-coaching vacancy after Mack Brown resigns. Briles ultimately declines to interview for the job and announces he's staying at Baylor.

            Aug. 31, 2014: Baylor opens McLane Stadium with a 45-0 victory over SMU. Final price tag for the palatial new digs: $266 million.

            Dec. 6, 2014: Baylor completes its chase for back-to-back Big 12 championships with a 38-27 win over Kansas State. Though Baylor beat TCU 61-58 on Oct. 11, the 11-1 teams are deemed co-champions, and neither team makes the College Football Playoff. Baylor is ranked No. 5 by the playoff committee, TCU is 6th and the Bears earn a trip to the Cotton Bowl, where they suffer a last-second 42-41 defeat against Michigan State.

            August 20, 2015: Former Baylor defensive end Sam Ukwuachu is found guilty of sexually assaulting a former Baylor soccer player. He's sentenced to 180 days in county jail and 10 years' probation. He served more than two months before being released on Oct. 29 on a $100,000 appeal bond.

            Aug. 21, 2015: Art Briles and Chris Petersen both issue statements regarding their conversations with each other during Ukwuachu's transfer from Boise State to Baylor. During sentencing, an ex-girlfriend of Ukwuachu testifies that Ukwuachu assaulted her while he was at Boise State. Briles and Petersen both insist they were unaware of that allegation. Records obtained by ESPN indicate Boise State had serious concerns about Ukwuachu's mental health at the time he was dismissed.

            Sept. 2, 2015: Baylor retains Pepper Hamilton LLP to conduct a "thorough and independent external investigation into the university's handling of cases of alleged sexual violence." Baylor president and chancellor Ken Starr releases a letter to the Baylor community a day later. "Some have concluded that we could have done more," Starr wrote. "Perhaps so. Our independent investigation will soon reveal if opportunities exist for improvements in the way we respond to allegations of sexual violence."

            In the letter, he also defends Briles' account of the Ukwuachu transfer.

            Sept. 3, 2015: Defensive end Shawn Oakman is suspended for Baylor's season opener at SMU due to an undisclosed violation of team rules.

            Sept. 12, 2015: Oakman returns from suspension, recording six tackles against Lamar.

            Sept. 18, 2015: All-Big 12 tight end Tre'Von Armstead is dismissed from the program for a team rules violation.

            Dec. 29, 2015: Despite not having two quarterbacks, top running back Shock Linwood, or Biletnikoff Award-winning receiver Corey Coleman on offense, Baylor rolls to a 49-38 win over North Carolina in the Orlando Citrus Bowl. The Bears rack up a bowl-record 645 rushing yards to complete a 10-3 season. They've now won 50 games over their last four seasons.

            Dec. 31, 2015: The former Baylor student-athlete who was sexually assaulted by Ukwuachu reportedly reaches a settlement with the school.

            Feb. 2, 2016: Outside The Lines reports that Baylor school officials either failed to investigate, or adequately investigate, allegations of sexual violence made by two women against former Baylor player Tevin Elliott. Both said they were informed that as many as six women had reported being assaulted by Elliott, who was convicted on two counts of sexual assault in 2014. He's currently serving a 20-year prison sentence. The report also reveals Baylor University took nearly three years to comply with a federal directive to hire a Title IX coordinator.

            Feb. 7: Starr responds to the OTL report with a public letter entitled "Safeguarding Baylor's Students" that details the efforts the university is making to better protect its students. "No one should have to endure the trauma of these terrible acts of wrongdoing," Starr wrote. "We must never lose sight of the long-term, deeply personal effects such contemptible conduct has on the lives of survivors. Let me be clear: Sexual violence emphatically has no place whatsoever at Baylor University." Baylor students hold a candlelight vigil outside Starr's campus home the following day.

            March 30: Jasmin Hernandez, a former Baylor student who reported she had been raped by Elliott, files a Title IX lawsuit against the school and officials including Briles. She claims the school knew Elliott had a history of assaults, failed to protect her and other women and ignored her when she sought help.

            April 13: Oakman is arrested on a sexual assault charge. A Baylor graduate student alleges Oakman forced her to have sex with him after they met at a Waco nightclub on April 3. Oakman told police the sex was consensual.

            April 14: Outside The Line reports that Baylor did not investigate sexual assault allegations made against Armstead and teammate Myke Chatman for more than two years. A Waco police report indicates it had informed Baylor officials of the off-campus incident when it occurred in April 2013. BU didn't begin looking into the allegations until September 2015.

            April 19: Briles' last public comments on Baylor's issues. He is asked on a Big 12 coaches' teleconference whether he's concerned about the number of sexual assault allegations against his players.

            "Yeah, I'm always concerned anytime that something of that nature transpires," he says. "It's been a process to where we're really doing all we can do to make sure our guys are at the awareness level they need to be at by giving them all the proper training with professionals in those fields to help them to know how to handle themselves at all times. It's a situation where it's a concern. It's something that we're doing with on a daily basis."

            April 25: A Waco police report obtained by a reporter reveals that Oakman was accused of assaulting an ex-girlfriend in January 2013. The accuser, a former Baylor student, declined to press charges. It's unclear whether Baylor officials were notified of the incident at the time.

            May 13: Baylor's board of regents announces it has received a comprehensive briefing of Pepper Hamilton's investigation and promises "significant decisions" will be made after carefully determining how to act upon the report's findings and recommendations. In a statement, chairman Richard Willis says the board of regents will seek to "preserve and reinforce trust in Baylor University."

            May 26: Briles informs his players via text message of his dismissal after the board of regents made its decision to fire him.
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              Too late to hire someone from the outside, I'd imagine.
              `A`ohe lokomaika`i i nele i ke pâna`i.


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                Dont be surprised Singletary is given the job at some point. He applied before.


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                  I really hated to hear this about AB. I thought he was a high character type man , especially after reading his biography.


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                    Originally posted by mmtex63 View Post
                    I really hated to hear this about AB. I thought he was a high character type man , especially after reading his biography.
                    I sure hope this is more about ineptness than a cover up.
           of #98 D. J. Reader


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                      Bill O'Brien didn't want Shawn Oakman at Penn State but Briles couldn't wait to get him to Waco.

                      Difference in a coach that does it the right way and a coach that doesn't.


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                        Joe Schad @schadjoe
                        Confirmed the report Jim Grobe will coach Baylor in 2016. One of most reputable, honorable coaches I’ve ever met.
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                          Originally posted by H2O4me View Post
                          David Barron @dfbarron
                          Ian McCaw has resigned as #Baylor's athletic director, the university confirms.
                          John McClain @McClain_on_NFL
                          Ian McCaw, who interviewed Mike Singletary and Art Briles the last time the Baylor job was open, hired interim coach Jim Grobe and resigned.
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                            Originally posted by Marshall View Post
                            I sure hope this is more about ineptness than a cover up.
                            Evidence points to cover ups.
                            Numerous accounts of players transferring to Baylor after being removed from their previous team. Reasons for dismissal were always undisclosed to public. Many of those guys are the ones that are now showing up in the ****/assault allegations. Some of those have now been shown to have violent incidents assault, battery, ****, etc... that got them kicked off their 1st team.


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                              Outside The Lines @OTLonESPN
                              BREAKING: Baylor's Ken Starr has resigned, effective immediately as chancellor of Baylor University as a "matter of conscience"
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