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    Pat Mahomes Has a Little Brett Favre in Him

    The next Favre? There are similarities between ol’ No. 4 and the rising draft prospect from Texas Tech, including a coach who has spent time with both players. Plus reader mail on Blandino, Trubisky and more

    The draft is filled with mysterious but intriguing prospects. Atop that list, or close: Texas Tech quarterback Pat Mahomes. While in Lubbock, Mahomes put up some silly stats in a pass-first, spread offense, but also got sloppy with his mechanics, at times improvised too much, made some decisions that left coaches shaking their heads, and showed a cannon for an arm.

    Ring a historical bell? With some coaches it has. And how coincidental it is that, on the same campus, working at the Texas Tech Double T Varsity Club (the organization for Texas Tech alumni athletes), is Rodney Allison, the man who was the quarterback coach for a similar college player 27 years ago: Brett Favre.

    Recently, New Orleans coach Sean Payton found his way to campus to examine Mahomes, and he found Allison, the former quarterback coach at Southern Miss when Favre was there in the early nineties.

    “I told Coach Payton, ‘Pat’s got everything it takes. He’s got some Favre-like qualities,’” Allison said from his office in Lubbock the other day. “Similar in styles. They create things on the field that other guys don’t.

    “Now how will that translate to the NFL? I don’t know. But he’s a similar player to Brett. And Pat studies the game. He loves the game.”

    One difference: Favre lived a wilder life in college than Mahomes does now. Favre was a party guy. He crashed his car a few weeks before his senior season began, and had to have a major part of his intestine removed. “I was one of the guys who went to the hospital when it happened, and we were more worried about his life than whether he’d ever play football again,” Allison said. But weeks after the accident, a tender Favre took the field in Tuscaloosa and engineered a major upset of Alabama. The legend was born. Two years later, he was a Packer.

    Mahomes also has played well against big opposition, and NFL scouts like that. His other-worldly 734-passing-yard performance against Oklahoma last year was a silly basketball game of a football game, but it was one the NFL noticed. Mahomes was mostly coming from behind with a prolific offense and a terrible defense last year.

    Allison had an interesting observation when I pointed out that Mahomes must benefit from having been around professional athletes. His dad, Pat Mahomes, and godfather, Latroy Hawkins, pitched in the major leagues for a combined 32 years, and the young Mahomes used to go on some road trips and played ball in many big-league parks. “Right,” Allison said. “But remember Brett’s dad was a coach. Brett was around the game his whole life, and that really helped him know what he was doing.”

    The young Mahomes played baseball early in his Texas Tech career before quitting to concentrate on football. Allison thinks it would help for Mahomes to do the same thing (minus the beer and late nights) that Favre did in his rookie NFL season.

    “I think quarterbacks need to sit for a while,” Allison said. “And Pat, he’s just raw. He’s been a baseball player. He had that arm slot. He’s got a great arm. Mechanically, I think he struggles with a few things. But it’s fixable, for sure. Coach Payton told me he thought there were things that would be pretty simple to fix in a fairly short period of time. Like, when he goes left on a bootleg, getting his feet under him so he’s more balanced when he throws. That’s just practice. But like Brett, Pat just loves playing. You can see the fun they have. With both guys, it was contagious with their teammates. Arm-strength, Patrick might be better. They’re at least the same.”

    Atlanta chose Favre with the 33rd pick in the 1991 draft. A year later, Favre got traded to Green Bay for the 19th overall pick in the 1992 draft. Where will Mahomes go when the draft kicks off in eight days? Certainly earlier than 33rd, and perhaps earlier than 19th. The Cardinals, jonesing for a long-term replacement for 37-year-old Carson Palmer, have eyes for Mahomes and pick 13th in the first round. The smart team for Mahomes? The one that, as Allison said, can afford to put him in school for a year, and not be tempted to throw him into the fire before he’s ready.
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