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2017 QB Draft Class in the NFL

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  • 2017 QB Draft Class in the NFL

    Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes' comments on the playbook

    The Chiefs knew they were taking on a massive project when they traded up for Patrick Mahomes during the first round of the 2017 NFL draft.

    The former Texas Tech quarterback came from a rather unsophisticated offense and needed a complete overhaul of his footwork, so anyone expecting to see him playing in a regular season game during the 2017 season is bound to be disappointed.

    The Mahomes Project got underway over the weekend, when the first-round pick reported for Chiefs rookie minicamp. His comments after the first day show why it’s going to be awhile before he’s ready to play.
    “It’s definitely learning,” Mahomes said, via the team’s official website. “More so just going through the process and making the mike ID, calling the play and making sure everyone is in the right position. It’s a lot more than I had at Texas Tech but we’re learning as we go and we’re getting better every single rep.”
    Mahomes essentially has to learn a new language over the next few months, and he has to get to the point where he’s thinking in that language.
    “The words are pretty difficult but you get those down,” he said. “It’s about knowing what’s happening when you say the words. You can’t just say them and not know what’s going on. For me, it’s all about knowing what’s going on the entire play and knowing why coach is calling this play.”
    The transition has to be jarring for Mahomes. He comes from a college offense — the Air Raid — that focuses on a few core concepts. Now he’s playing in a West Coast offense featuring hundreds of plays out of dozens and dozens of formations.
    “It’s a lot more than I had at Texas Tech,” Mahomes told ESPN. “Whenever I got up there and called it, then I had to look out there and see the guys and make sure everybody was in the right position. That was pretty much the process, and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.”
    And while he’s trying to internalize a massive playbook, he has to refine his mechanics, re-learn what is considered “open” in the NFL, perfect taking a snap from under center and learn the proper footwork for three-, five- and seven-step drops.

    Fortunately for the Chiefs, they were in a position to take on rookie passer like Mahomes. With Alex Smith under contract until through the 2018 season, they can wait for their rookie to get up to speed. By the time Smith’s contract expires, Mahomes should be prepared to take over the starting job. It’s going to take a lot of work before that point, though.

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    Patrick Mahomes II, KC Chiefs #1 draft pick, robbed at gunpoint in Smith County

    SMITH COUNTY - Patrick Mahomes II, the No. 1 draft pick for the Kansas City Chiefs, and three others were reportedly robbed at gunpoint in Smith County on May 12.

    According to a press release from the Smith County Sheriff's Office, deputies were sent to a residence on Mansion Creek Circle around 9:15 p.m. in reference to an aggravated robbery.

    The victims reported they were approached by two suspects while exiting a vehicle at the residence. One of the suspects "was seen gesturing as if he had a handgun in his waistband."

    The suspects demanded property from the four victims before fleeing in a vehicle. No one was injured during the robbery.

    After getting vehicle and suspect descriptions, deputies were able to quickly find the vehicle, conduct a traffic stop near County Road 273, and arrest the two suspects inside, identified as 34-year-old Michael Blake Pinkerton and 58-year-old Billy Ray Johnson. Both were transported to the Smith County Jail.

    Billy Ray Johnson (Smith County Jail)

    Michael Blake Pinkerton (Smith County Jail)

    The stolen property was found in the vehicle during a search.

    The Smith County Sheriff's Office says the investigation remains active and ongoing.

    Welcome to KC, Pat.


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      "Pat Mahomes has already very much impressed the Chiefs" -- from LZ talking to guy in KC's front office.


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        Mahomes looking pretty good...


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          Keith Britton @KeithBritton86
          Hue on Kizer: "He's earned the right to start. He's trending in the right direction w/ our offensive football team. Let's give him a chance"
          Rich Campbell @Rich_Campbell
          More on QB Mitch Trubisky getting reps with the Bears' starters for the first time, updated with quotes


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            Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter
            Bears QB Mike Glennon will start Sunday's preseason game vs. Tennessee and Mitchell Trubisky will start 2nd half, per team official.


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              Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter
              Now official: DeShone Kizer is Browns' starting QB week 1 vs. Steelers.


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                Mahomes with some "wow" throws tonight.


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                  ***As for the other big decision Cleveland made this week—to go with DeShone Kizer—you have to give the rookie quarterback credit for killing the preconceived notions there were about him when he arrived in Cleveland. His positive, can-do nature, and ability to learn quickly, were definite factors in what turned him from simply the team’s most talented QB in May to its starter in August.

                  ***Tru love in Chicago. The Bears were plenty optimistic about Mitch Trubisky’s future already, but the rookie has given them more reason by the week. In each game they’ve seen something that’s buoyed their confidence in him. And we’ve got another example from Sunday’s game against the Titans.
                  With 4:14 left, and facing a third-and-12, Trubisky took a snap from the shotgun. Titans rookie safety Denzel Johnson came free on a blitz. Trubisky calmly moved to protect the ball while sidestepping him, then broke the pocket to the right, ran down the line, and laced one, off-balance, 15 yards downfield and between the “8” and the “0” on Victor Cruz’s jersey. Cruz dropped the ball, but the impression Trubisky made in showing poise, again, under duress remained. As one staffer put it, “It’s like every time out, he does one more thing where you say, ‘that was really good.’”

                  The numbers tell you part of the story: Trubisky has completed 70 percent of his throws for 354 yards, three touchdowns, zero interceptions and 112.7 passer rating. The rest may be harder to see, but it’s coming. In May, Trubisky had to learn to take a snap from center, and spit out a playcall in the huddle, since those were things he’d never been asked to do before. Now? He’s showing the ability he did at North Carolina to go through progressions, and maintain great accuracy. And he’s made great progress in the areas where he’s needed to grow—even showing proficiency in running the offense from the line of scrimmage, which he was never asked to do in college.

                  As John Fox said this week, Mike Glennon is still the starter. But know this: The Bears wouldn’t be skiddish about playing Trubisky like they may have been a month or two ago, and the staff will come up with a plan to continue his development in-season, likely by figuring creative ways to get him reps with the starters, in addition to his scout-team work, during game weeks. Clearly, the dynamic here has changed a little bit and that’s a credit to the work the rookie has done.

                  ***Mahomes getting in his work, too. Of all the rookie quarterbacks, things seem to be quietest around Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes. That makes sense since his chances of starting were probably bleakest of the four guys who were drafted in the first 50 picks. Coming from Texas Tech, his learning curve was steep, for sure, but he also landed with a playoff team that had a veteran going into his fifth year as starter there. And nothing has changed there, of course. Alex Smith will be Andy Reid’s starter next Thursday in Foxboro. But that doesn’t mean progress hasn’t come.

                  The biggest area where it’s been visible to coaches has been in Mahomes’ ability to recognize what the defense is throwing at him. As one coach explained it to me, Mahomes would break the huddle in May and just see 11 defenders. At this point, in late August, he’s identifying the front, and the number of defensive backs and linebackers and defensive linemen on the field, while also taking steps in making protection calls. And there’s also fundamental work happening, with the coaches focused on revamping his footwork. There’s a ways to go there, as he gets more comfortable taking a snap from center—he’s had to learn basics like separating after getting the ball, so you don’t get stepped on by a lineman—and learns to time up his drops with receivers’ routes.

                  All of this is to say that Mahomes has come as advertised. He’s a gym rat, and a willing player, but one that would take some time. He’ll start Thursday night in the Chiefs’ preseason finale. The staff wants him to have the experience of going through the game day process as starter, which he’ll get. Then, barring a disaster in front of him on the depth chart, Mahomes will fade into the background for the rest of the season, getting his reps on the scout team and doing the same classroom work that every quarterback does. Based on his first four months in the building, there’s every reason to believe he’ll handle that fine.


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                    Seems that Kizer is the only rookie QB to start in 2017.
                    [COLOR="Purple"]July is Here!


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                      Originally posted by Passepartout View Post
                      Seems that Kizer is the only rookie QB to start in 2017.
                      And he probably shouldn't, but Hue will do as much as he can to protect him.


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                        McDermott: Nathan Peterman 'ready' to start

                        Bills coach Sean McDermott said fifth-round QB Nathan Peterman is "ready" to start.

                        "We're confident in Nathan," the coach continued. Despite a turbulent camp, Tyrod Taylor will still be the starter when healthy, but McDermott said his Week 1 status is "up in the air" as he attempts to come back from a concussion. That could force the rookie into a start against the Jets. No matter who is under center, Buffalo should ride the wheels off LeSean McCoy.
                        Source: Vic Carucci on Twitter
                        Sep 4 - 9:59 AM


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                          Hue Jackson: DeShone Kizer 'gives us hope'

                          Browns coach Hue Jackson said rookie QB DeShone Kizer "gives us hope."

                          "When I looked up, the game was 21-10, and here we are in the fourth quarter with a chance to win the game late in the game, and that’s because of some plays he made," Jackson said. "So that’s exciting for me. I think it’s exciting for our organization." Lost in the quarterback wilderness for so long, the Browns should be excited after a promising debut from their young quarterback. That said, he will face an incredibly tough test this week in Baltimore.
                          Source: Akron Beacon-Journal
                          Sep 12 - 10:52 AM