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  • Robert Brazile for HOF

    I started a facebook group to help people realize the situation if they are unaware. The link is if you want you can ask your friends to join. In the group there is a link that directs you to the petition.

    Don't judge me monkey.

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      OK, I joined. He does deserve to be in the HOF, and I'm ashamed that he's not there already.


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        I don't FB, don't know if the above linked group is alive but this just came out...

        Pro Football HOF @ProFootballHOF
        BREAKING: @Titans (Oilers) Robert Brazile and @packers Jerry Kramer have been named senior finalists for #PFHOF18

        If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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          good article on Dr Doom from football perspective

          Robert Brazile Is An Unusual Hall of Fame Nominee

          by Chase Stuart on August 27, 2017 in HOF

          Robert Brazile and Jerry Kramer are the two Seniors Nominees for the Hall of Fame this year. The man known as “Dr. Doom” was a great outside linebacker for the Houston Oilers, and is remembered as the first great pass rusher from the 3-4 position. In fact, it was Brazile who helped create the position that Lawrence Taylor made famous — as Jene Bramel once noted, he was “LT” before Taylor came into the league. The 3-4 defense entered the NFL in 1974, with Bum Phillips in Houston being one of the early proponents. In 1975, the Oilers used the 6th overall pick on Brazile, who became an instant star. He was a first-team All-Pro by at least one major publication in each year from ’76 to ’80 under Phillips, but there are three reasons why Brazile never made it to the Hall of Fame.
          1. Sack totals were not kept during his time, which made it hard to quantify his strong play.
          2. He only played for 10 years, which is relatively short for a Hall of Famer.
          3. He didn’t play for great defenses.
          Thanks to the great John Turney, we do have unofficial sack totals for Brazile. He had 48 in his career; although that’s not a remarkable number, Brazile was not just a pass rusher. He was an all-around linebacker with strong coverage skills and was regarded as strong against the run.
          the rest of the article at: