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Free Orange Parking Pass

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  • Free Orange Parking Pass

    Hey guys, I have a extra Orange lot parking pass for the Texans/Cowboys game tomorrow on 8-25-07. I hate to see it not used so if anybody has tickets and needs a pass just email me to make arrangements with me to get it at no charge.

    I'm not out to make a buck. I already have tickets and a pass.

    I do prefer but not necessary that the person live in Northwest Houston in the Jersey Village area, and please if you want this pass to sell don't reply, because I'm doing this as a good gesture.

    Ronnie C

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    Excellent! This is why Texas is the best State. Even if you're not from Texas.

    People are so nice. I have my pass. Just wanted to say.."How nice of you!"
    Want to learn everything about the Texans cap? There is no better site out there than this one. Thanks Troy. Amazing work buddy!