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    Originally posted by methos838 View Post
    I think letting Bergstrom go is a bad decision ! Mancz and Martin are both gonna play but C , G & T are both areas of need TB is still young enough to be depth if not a G or a better then Allen RT maybe . Martin is coming off an Injury so no Guarantees with him . If TB salary was a bit to much RS is good at restructuring so would have liked to kept him . Our inactivity and release of 4 starters is a bit Alarming !! Is RS trying to make it as hard as possible on OB maybe ?? We have learned how he wanted Lovie Smith to come in as our HC and really mess things up ? Thats how I see it anyway trying to hire a Black HC to even the disparity out some maybe ?? RS whole job with the Texans is a perplexing mystery IMO .. Brian Gaine should have been the GM since OB's second season imho ....
    Well I agree and disagree with you on Bergstrom. Yes, we need OL help and then some. From that point of view I agree. However, while Smith makes the personal choices, he was here last year and the coaching staff never even used him. So, I guess he was pretty much awful seeing the coaches didn't use him at all. From that point of view I disagree only seeing the staff didn't think he was worth using.

    As for a different GM, no question that OB should have had either 1- a different GM 2- McNair should have made Smith work with OB. Because so far it seems Smith (didn't want OB to start) is far from asking OB about what is needed or what he wants. It almost seems that Smith picks players he likes based on what he thinks is an area of need. That also explains how Brock got signed and OB had never met or spoken to him till after he was signed. Smith must have talked up McNair about him and then got the "OK" to sign him and dropped him in OBs lap. You can find multiple reports on that from trusted NFL sources. 1-2 stories don't make it fact, but around 100+ means you probably have a true story just altered some per writer/source/reporter.

    Who is Brian Gaine:

    Originally posted by canyon1 View Post
    I would be interested in a new GM at this point and honestly I know nothing about Gaine so I am hoping people could explain what it is we like about him because I also knew everyone liked Mike (Jets current GM). So any info on this Brian Gaine would help me understand why we like him so much.

    That should help fill in who Brian Gaine is.
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      Yeah as the SF is trying to rebuild. In the wake of the Chip Kelly Travis Baalke fiasco.
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