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How To: Choosing different display "styles" for the forums

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  • How To: Choosing different display "styles" for the forums

    Member extraordinaire Yosarian has given us two additional color schemes/font choices -- called styles -- to choose as alternatives to the standard "Default vB5 Style".

    Different styles will display differently on different devices,

    So you may prefer one for a mobile device and another for your laptop.

    Default vB5...
    Deep Blue Steel Style...
    AJ80 Style...
    How to choose another style...
    Please join us in thanking Yosarian for his gift of time and work to the membership.
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    I'm digging the DeepBlueSteel style for my laptop,

    And the AJ80 style for my Apple thingies: iPad, iPhone.

    Thanks, Yosarian
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      You forgot to mention that members can set up what style they like as their default so it will show up when they log in.
      User Settings( in the drop down window below your name at the top right)>>Account Tab >> Forum Style
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