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The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2003

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  • The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2003

    Moving along to year 2, post any memories you have of the Texans 2003 season, any games, players or moments that you remember from the Texans 2nd year in the NFL. Before the season we drafted Andre Johnson, the best player in franchise history in my opinion, my personal favorite NFL player of all time. This year we finished 5-11, David Carr got injured and missed a stretch of games. Dave Ragone and Tony Banks played in 5 games. Probably the best thing to come out of this season was the emergence of Dominick Williams(AKA Dominick Davis) who came from out of nowhere and ran for over 1,000 rushing yards in only 14 games behind what is generally considered to be one of the worst offensive lines in modern times.

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    My biggest memory from the 2003 season is the game against New England, still to this day one of my favorite Texans games of all time even though we lost. You got to think we were a team that wasn't even 2 years old yet taking on the best team that the NFL had to offer, perhaps one of Belichick's best team period in New England, they went on to win the Super Bowl that year(in Reliant Stadium) but we took them to a 74 minute dog fight in an excellent David vs Goliath type of game. Our defense gave New England all kinds of problems throughout the game. My biggest memory was later on in the game where Jamie Sharper laid Tom Brady out with a hellacious hit. Jay Foreman, Steve Martin, Aaron Glenn all played really well against the team that would go on to win the next 2 Super Bowls. Andre Johnson was a rookie catching balls against a great secondary that included Ty Law and Tyrone Poole and Rodney Harrison. Pats defense also was coached by Romeo Crennel and they had Vrabel, Bruschi, McGinnest, Richard Seymour, Ted Washington, really our defense last year was very closely modeled after this 03 Pats defense.

    I remember I was up off my couch screaming at the TV for this game back when it happened. Definitely one of my favorite Texans games, maybe one of my favorite NFL games ever played. It was just a great feeling to have a football team again, seeing them take a team like the Patriots into deep water was so awesome. It looked like the Texans were on their way to being a great team there, they took New England into overtime in this game and beat the Panthers a few weeks before this. The Panthers would go on to win the NFC Championship that year.

    So they took it into overtime and Tony Banks(who was filling in for injured David Carr) seemingly threw the game away with an interception but the defense held New England and forced them to go for a field goal. Adam V missed the FG. They pinned NE deep on their next drive and this was when Jamie Sharper hit Brady. Then Brady's interception gets called a defensive holding penalty, they gifted it to New England and they got out of it with a field goal after Houston took them 74 minutes in an Ali vs Chuck Wepner type of game. It was a good one.
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      I totally missed the point of the first thread in the series. Sorry about that. I went rambling on about the whole 15 seasons. Thanks for not calling me out on it. Oh well. Good idea though. My memory isn't what it used to be. 2003....hmmmm...I better think about it or pull up some of my old game photos. I do remember that game though. That was a good one.
      Want to learn everything about the Texans cap? There is no better site out there than this one. Thanks Troy. Amazing work buddy!


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        No problem Yosarian, it was a great ramble.

        There's not really a whole lot to say about the 2003 season. I only know so much about the Patriots game because I just recently rewatched the tape of the game about 2 years ago. So 2003 we finished 5-11, Tony Banks actually played pretty decent when Carr got hurt. AJ had like over 970 yards receiving his rookie year. Dominick Davis I remember was a great running back for that short little span that his career lasted. We beat the eventual NFC Champions and took the eventual Super Bowl champs into a 74 minute overtime game. We also had some surprising upset wins over Miami and Buffalo. It was looking like this team was well on their way to being competitive, that defense was really so much better than the stats tell.

        For the 2003 season I moved away from Houston and up into northeast Texas, Cowboys/Saints territory. What I found to be surprising during those 2003-2004 seasons was that there really was no coverage for the Texans from any mainstream media. It was almost like they didn't even exist. You just never heard anything about the Texans outside of Houston. They never played any primetime games after that first game against Dallas(which was on ESPN Sunday Night Football), every once in a blue moon you would get a Texans game on TV but for the most part if the Cowboys or Saints were playing AFC teams that's what CBS would air.
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          Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the last couple of games late in the season against the Titans and Colts. I wanted to see the Texans smash the Titans so bad. I've always had an unhealthy hatred for that team. We almost had them in the end of the 2003 season. That was another really excellent game from the early days of the Texans. Those Titans were super good that year, we were hanging with them late into that game, it was tied 17-17 going into the 4th quarter. We went ahead 24-20 with like 1 minute left in the game, I was so happy we finally took those sell outs down but then Steve Mcnair pulled out an amazing comeback in the final seconds, he hit a 23 yard touchdown pass with like 17 seconds left. Titans won it 27-24.

          The last game against Indy was another great one for this defense. We were beating them 17-3 going into the 4th quarter but Manning brought them back and they won it on a field goal in the final seconds 20-17. So we had a strong team that put up some good fights against some great teams that year. I was really proud of them even though they lost, those were great games against NE, Indy, and Ten, three of the best teams in the NFL that year.


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            Well well well, look what I found, this was just uploaded 3 weeks ago:

            Edit: Can't watch the video here so here's the link:

            2:33:21 for Sharper's hit on Brady. 1.5 year old Texans giving the World Champs all kinds of problems in this one. Great game. We almost had them.
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              Also found this:


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                Originally posted by OG 2002 View Post
                My biggest memory from the 2003 season is the game against New England... we took them to a 74 minute dog fight in an excellent David vs Goliath type of game...
                So they took it into overtime and Tony Banks(who was filling in for injured David Carr) seemingly threw the game away with an interception but...
                Intercepted by... ?

                Your defensive coordinator, Mike Vrabel.

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                  Just found this, was uploaded last month, good one:


                  So Texans had the toughest schedule in the NFL in 2003 and had NFL high 17 players on injured reserve. Interesting.

                  Dominick Davis was a beast. Davis and Andre Johnson were the first team mates in NFL history with over 900 yards in their rookie seasons.