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The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2004

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  • The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2004

    Moving along to year 3, one of my favorite seasons was 2004. We finished 7-9 but we FINALLY beat those sell out Titans, twice in one year. How sweet it was. We also swept Jacksonville and won our first 2 game winning streak, losing some really good close games to finish at 7-9. There was quite a bit of talent on that 2004 team, I was pulling hard for them to make it to the playoffs that year but they just still weren't quite there yet. Even though David Carr almost broke his own sacked record from 2002 he still showed some signs of improvement as Andre Johnson and Dominick Williams showed flashes of greatness and the defense was tough too. Post any memories or anything related to the 2004 season in this thread!

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    Those two wins over the Titans in 2004 are up there with the win over Dallas in the first game for me, two of the sweetest wins in franchise history, good lord I hate the Titans. There are other teams in the NFL that I dislike, teams like the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Patriots to a degree, then there are teams that I just don't care about, like the Colts, Jaguars, then there are the Titans a team I wish would fail and move on to another town and change their name again and I'd take a piss on their ashes. My hate for the Titans is real. Texans got swept by them in 2002, then again in 2003 but that last game against them in 2003 we let them know we were coming up. Then in 2004 we swept their a... butts. The first game against them in 2004 we beat them in their own house, 20-10 all defense as they intercepted Steve Mcnair 4 times and Jamie Sharper had a huge sack.

    The second game against the Titans was a little more meaningful because it was the first time we beat them in the new house of pain. This was easily one of the best games in Texans history. The Titans took a 21-3 lead in the 2nd quarter after 3 Steve Mcnair touchdown passes. Andre Johnson had a huge touchdown catch in this game, one of the most memorable of his career for me personally, the Texans were losing 21-17 late in the 3rd quarter and David Carr hit Andre for an 11 yard touchdown and he caught the ball with one hand with Titans defender all over him.

    That touchdown put us up 24-21 after trailing 21-3 earlier in the game, Andre Johnson became my hero in that moment, there was this feeling in that moment like this team was really something special on it's way to being something great. To come back from that deficit and take down the Titans of all teams like that to complete the sweep, this was absolutely one of those early games that made me a diehard Texans fan for life. Tennessee almost looked like they were going to come back but we intercepted Steve Mcnair late in the game, one of the most glorious moments of the early Texans days for me when you knew that game was over. We ended up scoring another touchdown to ice it 31-21. Dominick Williams ran for like 129 rushing yards that day. Carr went 21 of 30 for 201 yards with 2 touchdowns and an interception. All of the guys on this 2004 team, David Carr, Andre, Dominick Williams, Dom Capers and that defense with Sharper, Glenn, and Robinson, they all get a lifetime pass from me for these first wins over the Titans in 2004. Great stuff. 2004 was a really fun season, still one of my favorites.
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      I have to take back what I said in the 2003 thread about the Texans never getting any TV time outside of Houston in 2004. Looking back at their 2004 schedule there were actually quite a few games that came on TV up in northeast Texas that year. I remember seeing the opening day game against San Diego, both Titans games, both Jaguars games, the Packers game(which was on ESPN Sunday Night FB) and the Vikings game. I'd have to say that the Vikings game was another one of those games that we lost but was still probably one of the best games we ever played. Just a straight shoot out, maybe one of David Carr's finest games. Speaking of which, anybody remember that thing he had going with his hair? Carr grew his hair out and refused to cut it until we finally won 2 games in a row, he started looking like Tommy Lee from Motley Crue:

      So this game against Minnesota in October 2004 was a crazy one. Both quarterbacks(Carr and Duante Cullpepper) just completely aired it out that day, gunning it down the field all day long. The Vikings went up 21-0 after 3 Culpepper TD passes in the first half. We cut their lead to 21-14 but they went up 28-14 after a 50 yard bomb from Culpepper to Randy Moss with like 6 minutes left in the game. Then David Carr threw 2 touchdown passes in the final 3 minutes to tie it up, the one play that I remember the most about this one was the touchdown pass he threw to Andre Johnson to tie it up with under 2 minutes left. This was really Andre's breakout game, he had 12 catches for 170 yards and 2 touchdowns including the clutch catch late in the game that put it into overtime.

      So we came back from 21-0 to put it into overtime 28-28 but we lost it when Culpepper hit another 50 yard touchdown bomb to Marcus Robinson in overtime to win it. Culpepper had 396 passing yards and 5 touchdown passes while Carr had 372 yards and 3 tds with no ints. This team was young and was still learning how to crawl but **** it they had a lot of heart and they would just hang in these tough dogfights with teams they had no business being on the field with.


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        I have so many fond memories rooting for these Texans those first 3 seasons. This was a fun young team that had been thrown together from scratch. I know a lot of folks don't like the battle red uniforms but I've always really liked them, hell I like them even more than the standard uniforms, seems like they wore the battle reds for the first time in 2004? Seems like they wore them a lot that year though. That one picture up in the first post was one of my favorite memories from this season. That pic was taken from the home game against Jacksonville. We were 3-3 going into that game, we were up 13-6 with like a minute left in the game when Faggins intercepted Byron Leftwitch and took it all the way back to the house for a 43 yard touchdown to give us a 20-6 win. He jumped right up onto the barrier and celebrated and the crowd went totally nuts, that victory gave us our first ever winning record at 4-3, it was exciting times. It's a shame that there really are no videos and pictures are rare from the Texans first 3 seasons.

        Looking back at our schedule for that year there were a lot of really close losses that year, hell we were very close to opening up the season 6-1 when you look at those first 7 games, the loss to San Diego on opening day we were winning 20-17 in the end of the 3rd quarter. Two huge penalties by Dunta Robinson set San Diego up for the game tying field goal with no time left in the 3rd quarter. Drew Brees threw a 19 touchdown pass to pull the Chargers ahead 27-20. We had a couple of chances to tie it up but Dominick Williams lost a fumble on the Texans last drive.

        The third game against Kansas City was one that I missed but the stats/box score tell an interesting story. KC was up 14-6 when Marcus Coleman ran back a 102 yard interception and the Texans ran in a 2 point conversion to tie it up at 14-14 late in the 3rd quarter. The Chiefs pulled ahead 21-14 early in the 4th quarter. David Carr pulled off a 4th quarter comeback on the road that day in Arrowhead, check out the play by play report on this drive that tied the game:
        1 10 HTX 32 Jonathan Wells left tackle for 5 yards (tackle by Jerome Woods) 14 21 1.070 1.200 89.3
        10:13 2 5 HTX 37 Jonathan Wells right tackle for 4 yards (tackle by Kawika Mitchell) 14 21 1.200 1.030 90.3
        9:36 3 1 HTX 41 Jonathan Wells middle for no gain (tackle by John Browning) 14 21 1.030 -0.650 94.9
        9:15 4 1 HTX 41 Jason Simmons middle for 1 yard (tackle by Fred Jones) 14 21 -0.650 1.730 88.7
        8:53 1 10 HTX 42 David Carr pass incomplete. Penalty on David Carr: Intentional Grounding (Offsetting), Penalty on Scott Fujita: Roughing the Passer (Offsetting) (no play) 14 21 1.730 1.730 89.0
        8:53 1 10 HTX 42 David Carr for no gain. David Carr fumbles, recovered by David Carr at HOU-39 14 21 1.730 0.780 92.1
        7:56 2 13 HTX 39 David Carr sacked by Shawn Barber for -4 yards 14 21 0.780 -0.430 95.7
        7:20 3 17 HTX 35 David Carr pass complete to Derick Armstrong for 20 yards (tackle by Eric Warfield) 14 21 -0.430 2.590 87.0
        6:40 1 10 KAN 45 David Carr pass complete to Andre Johnson for 37 yards (tackle by Eric Warfield) 14 21 2.590 5.370 70.7
        KAN challenged the ruling, and the play was upheld.
        6:40 1 8 KAN 8 Jonathan Wells left end for -1 yards (tackle by Eric Warfield) 14 21 5.370 4.380 77.8
        5:24 2 9 KAN 9 David Carr pass complete to Jabar Gaffney for 9 yards, touchdown 20 21 4.380 7.000 66.0
        5:24 Kris Brown kicks extra point good

        Is that David Carr or what? Texans defense tightened up on the Chiefs on their next drive, sacked Trent Green and Sharper stuffed Priest Holmes for negative yardage. The Texans then drove down the field with 4 David Carr completions setting up the winning field goal with just 7 seconds left. Sounds like a **** good game for those Texans. The very next week we beat the Raiders to put together our very first ever 2 game win streak. That was a pretty good little stretch there we won 4 out of 5 games with the only loss being the overtime thriller near-comeback against Minnesota. So the team was pretty hot there for that 5 week span, I was really caught up in it and emotionally invested in them making a run to the playoffs. Then they just got completely destroyed by the Broncos and Colts in back to back games and it was like it sucked the life out of this team. I do also remember the Sunday Night game against Green Bay on ESPN that year. This was the first primetime game since the Dallas game in 2002. I was feeling a little homesick by then so it was cool seeing all the shots of Houston on TV that night. That was another game the Texans were so close to winning. We were up 13-3 going into the 4th quarter. Green Bay pulled to tie the game up 13-13 later on in the 4th quarter. Dunta Robinson picked Favre off with like 3 minutes left in the game but the offense went out there and went 3 and out and gave Green Bay the ball back with just enough time to pull out the game winning field goal with no time left on the clock. That was a crushing loss that pretty much killed any playoff hopes for that season, our third straight loss that put us at 4-6. They ended up beating the Titans the next week in the game I posted about earlier in this thread but they lost 3 of their last 5 games to finish 7-9.

        So 2002-2004 was such a fun little period for me as a Texans fan. Some good times in 2004, it really looked like this team was on it's way up at times that year. Jamie Sharper led the entire NFL in tackles over that 3 year span from 02 to 04. Dominick Williams emerged as a great running back running for nearly 1,200 yards in 2004. Andre Johnson had a breakout year, his first 1,000 yard season. Carr showed some improvement that year too, while he didn't really set the league on fire or anything he still completed 61.2% of his passes for 3,531 yards and 16 touchdowns with 14 interceptions. Some great moments in those first 3 years that I'll always remember and love this team for. I was so hyped for the 2005 season, I was so sure that the Texans were going to make a run for the playoffs that year. Boy was I wrong. We'll save that for the next thread though.
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          I don't even have my 2003 one done yet.
          Want to learn everything about the Texans cap? There is no better site out there than this one. Thanks Troy. Amazing work buddy!


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            Originally posted by Yosarian View Post
            I don't even have my 2003 one done yet.
            Take your time bubba, we got all Summer. Edit: I'm going to keep this series going until preseason starts at least. I'll post another thread every 4-5 days until August 1st or 2nd from here on out.
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              Originally posted by OG 2002 View Post
              Speaking of which, anybody remember that thing he had going with his hair? Carr grew his hair out and refused to cut it until we finally won 2 games in a row...
              Remember the headlines all over the place when he cut his hair? It was over the top.
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