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The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2009

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  • The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2009

    We've made it to the Houston Texan's 8th season, 2009. This was our very first ever winning season as we finally got over the hump and finished with a 9-7 record. We still did not make the playoffs but this was the closest we got up to this point, if I remember correctly it came down to tiebreakers in the second to last week of the season, we needed the Colts to beat the Jets and we had a chance to get in if we won out. The Colts were 14-0 going into that game, they already had homefield advantage wrapped up I believe. They were winning the game against the Jets until they pulled Manning and all their starters and let the Jets come back on them to win it and eliminate the Texans from playoff contention. I don't think I've ever been so mad watching a football game in all my life. This was the year we drafted Brian Cushing, Andre Johnson led the NFL in receiving for the 2nd consecutive season, and Matt Schaub had the best year of his life as the Texans led the NFL in passing yards. Post anything you remember about this season here in this thread!

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    2 All Pros, 4 Pro Bowlers, added some rare free agency plus players, a good draft...

    Somehow 9-7 and missing the playoffs again was a positive back then as compared to today.
    Pro Bowlers 4
    • QB Matt Schaub
    • ILB DeMeco Ryans
    • OLB Mario Williams
    • OLB Brian Cushing
    AP All-Pros 2
    • WR Andre Johnson (1st team)
    • OLB Brian Cushing (2nd team)

    • QB Dan Orlovsky
    • LB Antonio Smith
    • DT Shaun Cody
    • LB Buster Davis
    • LB Cato June
    • SS Bernard Pollard
    • QB Rex Grossman
    • QB Sage Rosenfels
    • LB Morlon Greenwood
    • RB Ahman Green
    • DE Anthony Weaver
    • SS Will Demps
    • OT Ephraim Salaam
    • TE Mark Bruener
    • DE Earl Cochran
    • CB Jimmy Williams
    • CB Demarcus Faggins
    • SS C.C. Brown
    • RB Cecil Sapp
    2009 NFL Draft
    Round/Pick Player Position College
    1/15 Brian Cushing LB Southern California
    2/46 Connor Barwin* DE Cincinnati
    3/77 Antoine Caldwell C Alabama
    4/112 Glover Quin* CB New Mexico
    4/122 (from Minnesota) Anthony Hill TE North Carolina State
    5/152 James Casey TE Rice
    6/188 Brice McCain CB Utah
    7/223 Troy Nolan S Arizona State

    Crazy we let two very good players and great teammates that we drafted leave via free agency.


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      Originally posted by H2O4me View Post
      Somehow 9-7 and missing the playoffs again was a positive back then as compared to today.
      I remember there was a great video on Youtube that somebody shot on their phone at the Patriots game, crowd in NRG gave the Texans a really great standing ovation as they were coming off the field after winning that game, it was a great video. I believe it's been taken down. It was a totally meaningless game as Texans were already eliminated from playoff contention, Patriots ended up pulling their starters when they had a big lead. Still a monumental win that felt so good to FINALLY have a winning team after 8 years of learning how to crawl.

      Man I love watching Brian Cushing play football for the Texans. What a great rookie year he had, Defensive Rookie of the Year and 2nd team All Pro.

      Also something I almost forgot about, this was the year Arian Foster came out of nowhere as an undrafted free agent. They went with him in the last 2 games of this season, he ran for 97 yards against Miami and then the last game against New England he ran for 119 yards and 2 touchdowns. A little preview of what was to come in the years that followed where he became the Texans franchise all time leading rusher.


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        Found the video from the Patriots game I was talking about in an earlier post. This was from the final game of the season in 2009 where we clinched out first winning record in franchise history, this video was taken during the final moments of the game, great ovation from the crowd for our little football team that was growing up, finally 9-7.

        Pretty great fans to stick with this team through those first years, the way they were cheering them there when they beat the Patriots you would have thought we clinched a playoff spot. After what this team had been through the first 7 years it really meant something to get to 9-7 in 2009. There was no fair weather those first 8 years, we still had those little victories here and there, the win over Dallas in game 1, giving New England and Carolina(the Super Bowl teams that year) hell in '03, finally beating the Titans(twice) in '04, finally beating the Colts in '06, winning our Monday Night Football debut in '08, and this time finally finishing with a winning record after 8 years. This team just had a heart, they were a scrappy young fighter that had no business being in the ring with some of the teams but they still pulled off some meaningful wins and took some great teams into deep water and gave'em all they could handle. I believe that heart came from that defense those first 3 years and then it was Andre Johnson during the early Kubiak years. This team is very special to me, I bleed Houston Texans, this has been my team since day 1.
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          That game against the Titans in week 2 looked like a good one. I'm sure I watched it but don't remember it. This was the season that Titans RB Chris Johnson ran for over 2,000 yards. He had 2 long runs in the early parts of this game, one of them for a 57 yard touchdown run and then a 69 yard catch and run for a TD. Titans went up 21-7 early in the 2nd quarter but Texans came back with a 72 yard touchdown pass from Schaub to Andre Johnson, then another 29 yard TD pass to Jacoby Jones. A FG gave Houston 24-21 lead but Titans managed to tie it up just before the end of the half with a Rob Bironas FG. Then in the 3rd quarter Chris Johnson breaks a 91 yard touchdown run to put Titans up 31-24 early in the 3rd quarter. Another Schaub TD pass tied it up at 31-31 and we ended up winning it with a FG with 2:55 left in the game. Matt Schaub went 25 of 39 for 4 touchdown passes. Andre Johnson had 10 catches for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns. Chris Johnson ran for 197 yards and 2 touchdowns with another 87 yards receiving on 9 catches with a third touchdown. So you had a pretty great game here where the two best offensive players in the NFL that year squaring off in a duel. Can't find any videos for this game at all, what a shame.

          I can't believe we got swept by the Jaguars in 2009. In fact, looking over our schedule for that year there were a few really frustrating losses, the loss to the Cardinals in week 5 we were losing 21-0 but came back on them with 2 Andre Johnson touchdowns to tie it up 21-21, then Schaub threw a pick six for a 49 yard touchdown to give the Cardinals the win 28-21. The Arizona Cardinals game is the game where this happened:


          That loss to the Cardinals put us at 2-3. Schaub made up for his pick six with 392 yards and 4 touchdowns in the win over the Bengals the next week. Then we beat the 49ers and Bills to get to 5-3. Then we lost our next 4 games and dropped to 5-7. Lost another close one to the Colts, then we lost on a last second Rob Bironas FG in the game against the Titans. I remember the second loss to the Colts from this year, super frustrating loss. Colts were 10-0 going into that game. It looked like we were going to end their streak after we took a 17-0 lead early in the 2nd quarter. We were winning 20-7 going into halftime. The Colts then came out and scored 28 unanswered points and just blew us out of the water in the 2nd half, winning the game 35-27. That was a brutal loss that put us at 5-6 and pretty much killed our playoff hopes for that year. The very next week we got destroyed by the Jaguars in the rematch, Jags led 23-9 at one point and ended up winning 23-18.

          So we dropped to 5-7 and it looked like another losing season. I don't remember but where there any rumblings for Kubiak's job at this stage? We should have beat the Jags in both games, should have won that Cardinals game and definitely had that Colts game so we could have easily been a 9-3 team instead of 5-7.

          Kubiak rallied the team and made a strong push to win all of our last 4 games, destroying the Seahawks 34-7(Andre had 193 yards and 2 TDS). We beat the Rams 16-13(Andre had 196 yards), almost gave up a 27-0 lead against Miami but held on to win it 27-20, then we closed out the season with the win over the Patriots in what was a throwaway game for them, we finally got over the 8-8 hump to finish with our first winning record and in that last couple of games we finally found us a franchise running back. Whats interesting about this season is that Matt Schaub led the NFL in passing yards and Andre Johnson led the NFL in receiving yards but we still didn't even make the playoffs. Meanwhile over the past 5-6 years we've won division titles and made the playoffs with a great defense and no offense.

          ^What a great video, Andre Johnson is my favorite player to ever play the game.
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            Originally posted by OG 2002 View Post

            ^What a great video, Andre Johnson is my favorite player to ever play the game.
            Big, strong, fast, great routes, beat double and triple teams, caught everything in his zip code... everybody knew he was getting the ball and they still couldn't stop him.

            Such a shame he never had a shot at a ring.