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The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2010

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  • The First 15 Seasons: Looking Back at 2010

    Time to look back at the Houston Texans 9th season, the 2010 season where we had the best running back in the NFL. Duane Brown, Chris Myers, Vonta Leach and co. put in work as Arian Foster led the league with 1,616 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns. Matt Schaub followed up his league leading performance from 2009 with 4,370 passing yards and 24 touchdown passes vs 12 interceptions. Andre Johnson missed 3 games but still racked up 1,216 receiving yards. We got off to a 4-2 start when the wheels completely fell off for the defense, we suffered some injuries on the defensive line and linebacker corp and ended up having the worst secondary in the league that year, causing us to finish 6-10 and miss the playoffs once again. Post anything you remember about this season right here in this thread, remember your roots.

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    Kyle Shanihan leaves to be OC for the Redskins.

    Alex Gibbs leaves to be OL coach for the Seahawks.
    2010 Houston Texans draft
    Round Pick Player Position College
    1 20 Kareem Jackson Cornerback Alabama
    2 58 Ben Tate Running back Auburn
    3 81 Earl Mitchell Defensive tackle Arizona
    4 102 Darryl Sharpton Linebacker Miami (FL)
    4 118 Garrett Graham Tight end Wisconsin
    5 144 Sherrick McManis Cornerback Northwestern
    6 187 Shelley Smith Guard Colorado State
    6 197 Trindon Holliday Wide receiver LSU
    7 227 Dorin Dickerson Tight end Pittsburgh
    Frank Bush's defense gets worse, ranking at the bottom of the league.

    Arian Foster instantly becomes the best RB in the league.

    Think about that. Where would the Texans have been had Foster signed elsewhere as an UDFA in 2009? I'd say the fortunes of the franchise turned on Feeno. Without him, would the front office look different today?


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      God dang these threads are working up the nostalgia. There are few things in this world that I love as much as my Texans man. I seriously miss Andre Johnson and Arian Foster. This is definitely one of my favorite football pictures that was ever taken:

      In that photo Andre is coming off of a 2 year stretch where he was the best receiver in the NFL, I mean just seriously tore the whole NFL a new *** in 2008 and 2009, with 216 catches and 3,144 yards combined over the two seasons. Then here in the 2nd game of the 2010 season against the Redskins on the road and he catches 12 passes for 158 yards and then wins the game with that final touchdown catch. When he spiked that ball right there when that picture was taken, in that moment, he was one of the baddest dudes that ever stepped on an NFL football field man, I swear to you. All the Texans fans that are new or got into the Texans because of JJ Watt or Deshaun Watson need to know that Andre Johnson was the man. Andre will always be the man, no matter even if somebody comes here and wins 4 Super Bowls, Andre will still be the man because he came down here and did it when nobody cared, nobody was watching this team, there was nothing here to work with as an expansion franchise that was supposed to just be a push over. Andre gave this team a backbone. He strapped us on his back and fought on the field for us tooth and nail, and I lost count of how many times he got laid out unconscious on the field trying to give everything he had for this team. Houston Texans history is like a house that is still under construction, the foundation of that history has already been laid though, his name is Andre Johnson.
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        In all this 2010 season for me ranks as one of the most disappointing seasons, I just didn't understand how this defense could be so bad and I couldn't understand why we just kept losing games. The season started out so great, we finally SMASHED the Colts with Peyton Manning in a meaningful game, I'm talking straight whooped them 34-24, game as nowhere near as close as the score suggests, Arian Foster ran for 231 yards and 3 touchdowns! What a great start to the season. Then week 2 was and still is one of my favorite Texans games ever. Redskins were one of my favorite teams in the declining years of the Houston Oilers, loved it every time they beat the Cowboys, especially those wins in 95 when they beat them twice the year they went on to win the Super Bowl. I was a Skins fan during those dark years where there were no more Houston Oilers, I still kind of loved them when the Texans came around too. So these were my two favorite teams going head to head in an epic game, both teams were 1-0 too so whoever won was going to start the year off 2-0. Washington was winning 27-10 but we came back on them in the 4th quarter, Andre Johnson's catch tied the game and sent it into overtime. Washington then missed a FG in OT and we went on to win it 30-27. Matt Schaub threw for 497 yards in that game!! Andre had 12 catches for 158 yards. It was a good one. It seems like I just kinda completely stopped caring about the Redskins since that game for some reason, never was a fan of the direction they started going with their roster in 2009 and around that same time the Texans were on their way up, plus they're my hometown team that I've been there for since the beginning.

        So after going 2-0 I was pretty hyped, then we got smashed by the Cowboys 27-13. I haven't looked at the series record for Houston vs Dallas but it seems like we have not done very well against them after winning that first game. I really don't even remember this 2010 game though I know I'd never miss a Texans vs Cowboys game.

        The win over the Chiefs in October looks like another excellent win for the Texans. I do not remember this but the box score shows we were down 21-7 early on, stayed behind all the way up until late in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs were winning 31-21, touchdowns by Andre Johnson and Arian Foster in the final 3:30 gave us the win 38-35, Andre had 8 catches for 138 yards, his game winning touchdown catch was with only 36 seconds left on the clock. That win put us at 4-2, then the wheels fell off.

        We lost 8 of our last 10 games this year. Defense was just bad, bad, bad, the problem was the secondary. We lost 4 straight after the win over KC. We beat the Titans 20-0 and I'll always remember this game for this:

        I got to admit I absolutely loved it when Andre did this. I hate the Titans. I'm sorry.


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          Originally posted by OG 2002 View Post
          This is definitely one of my favorite football pictures that was ever taken:

          Really one of the best all time, imo.

          Remember ABC's Wide World Of Sports intro...

          "The thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat"?

          That picture captures "the human drama of athletic competition" as much as anything.