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  • Special Teams Issues

    I thought we could only go up from last year, but after watching the game against the Panthers I was really discouraged. The special teams looked as bad or worse than last year. Texans were missing tackles and committing dumb penalties all game, just like last year. It would be okay if we had a kicker that could kick the ball out of the end zone but Novak barely makes his kicks to the goal line. Every time he kicks off I hold my breath that it won't go back to the end zone the other way. As far as returns we have to be the only team that calls for a fair catch every time the ball is punted. This is going to really hurt our field position again like it did last year if things don't improve pretty quickly. I know it's the first game of the season, but the pattern hasn't changed from last year at all. Larry Izzo has his work cut out if he wants to keep his job!!! This is by far the weakest part of the team.

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    Well usually in preseason you kick short to get guys on film. You don't learn much about your ST on touchbacks. Novak actually was kicking longer last year than he ever did before so I don't think you need to put too much on the kicking aspect just yet. Now the penalties and missed tackles, okay you have a point. Stuff like that needs to be fixed. We really don't have the 2nd tier talent to have an elite special teams unit in my opinion. Let's just hope they don't give up too many big game changing plays.
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      About halfway through the tape, Dylan Cole and Robert Nelson abandoned their edge lanes allowing big returns outside of them and Eddie Pleasant has played too long to be running into the kick returner wayyy before the ball arrives.

      John Christian Ka'iminoeauloameka'ikeokekumupa'a Fairbairn's FG attempt was so bad I thought it might go over the sideline.