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    Team is pathetic. Coaching both sides is pathetic. Owner is pathetic. Everyone is paralyzed. Nothing will change.

    It is utterly apparent that MAJOR changes are needed. Smith should be promoted to Family Figurehead or similar. O'Brien is a zero of a coach--no brains, no imagination, no talent. Just a loudmouth windbag who MIGHT make a viable position coach, maybe at the HS level. Get rid of him.

    Bring in a qualified and proven NFL coach and give him the reins and the authority. HARBAUGH, JIM.




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      Total and complete front office failure in assembling this "team". Our lack of depth is astounding. Think our OL stinks? Better hope we get no injuries there because what could be worse than this groups backups.


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        Originally posted by dancingbear View Post
        Total and complete front office failure in assembling this "team". Our lack of depth is astounding. Think our OL stinks? Better hope we get no injuries there because what could be worse than this groups backups.
        It is hard to be as unprepared to play as the Texans were Sunday. I can't bring myself to turn my back to our players but I am done with the Hope that our front office knows how to assemble a team. We went to playoffs 3 seasons without a QB and it was the players that got us there. Not this season. We can't run or pass or defend. Oh we will get better but as you have pointed out doesn't matter the road is to long to recover.


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          IF Rick was right in taking DW, we MAY have a really good QB that we can build around, but that is really the problem. Rick has not shown to be consistent enough to build a team that is good enough on both sides of the ball to get us there.

          Kubes demanded an oline that could run the ZBS, and we had a good offense that out played their talent. Then Wade demanded a dominant D, and for a couple years we had a team that could play with almost anyone in the league.

          It seems that if we don’t have a coach that is also able to scout the talent, then we are screwed because Rick can’t do any better than hit or miss on top picks and can’t seem to draft anyone after the second round that can stay on the team.

          Im not sure on BOB, I do think he can coach. I feel almost certain that Rick can’t manage personnel. I think Rick should go, and IF BOB’s heart is still in it he should get another run unless a bonafide HC shows up. I’m not high on Harbaugh. He seems to burn hot and and fizzle out.

          Too bad Coughlin didn’t come to straighten out Htown...


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            I waited till this Monday night to go through my thoughts & emotions about the dismal game 1 before posting. I'm still torn between two feelings. 1) Hoping Bob McNair has a delayed angry firing, if we get embarrassed on national TV again vs Cincinnati, of offensive line coach Mike Devlin, Bill O'Brien and Rick Smith. This would be comparable to O'Brien's own angry and justified cutting of Mallett, which was delayed till after the next game. And 2) desperately trying to convince myself that "it's only 1 game, it's only 1 game."

            Either way, last Sunday, McNair's organization had a unique opportunity to help its city in an emotional time of need, but those three men disgraced the city instead and added to its low feelings. That time, that opportunity is lost forever.

            Over the past 3-4 years, Smith has assembled a trashy offensive line, Devin has failed to develop it. O'Brien didn't have them ready on game day, implement a game plan to help the QBs or make an adjustment at the half--switching which QB gets sacked and fumbles is not a professional level change. Plus, O'Brien didn't have Savage ready, despite giving him almost all the 1st-team reps through an entire offseason. But we don't even have a 1st team offensive line, thanks to those three men, unless compared to arena football.
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              Are we officially launching into rebuild mode? Thinking of the future, with our 2 first picks missing and how to get some of those picks back.