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1st day of Rookie Mini-Camp

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  • 1st day of Rookie Mini-Camp

    Some insight from some tweeters that are there..

    Kubiak: Thinks a great opportunity for one of the UDFA RBs to make team /number of guys looked like real deal guys at practice
    Kubiak: After morn practice. RBs at rookie camp should be excited. "We have two on our team. There's an opportunity"
    Texans rookie minicamp flash? Hopkins' catches. /bunch of media saying all in unison "Did you see that?"
    One Hopkins catch looked like sure interception downfield on misthrown ball. Surprised he grabbed it. Also got one-hand catch behind him.
    DeAndre Hopkins is a special player. Understands how to play the position. #Texans
    Hopkins showed his hands off the entire day. Made a one handed catch that left me speechless bc it happen so fast.
    #texans LB Sam Montgomery told me he tweaked his back during drills. Kubiak says he may sit out the afternoon session, Sam says he won't

    All rookie draft picks were accounted for during mini camp.
    D.J. Swearinger is a leader. Already directing traffic and is well put together player.
    Alan Bonner is bigger in person than what I realized. He looks like he can play either inside or outside.
    Brennan Williams is an athletic big right tackle who can move. He is one to watch.
    Brennan Williams and David Quesseberry are the first guys you want off the charter bus.
    Kubiak very impressed with DeAndre Hopkins. Also singled out Bonner. Said they know what they want to do w/ball before catching it. #Texans
    Trevardo Williams showed why he is a edge rusher, can lean and get low. Has good closing speed.
    Hopkins had some very impressive catches. A nice one handed catch early in the session. Stared down Swearinger after one.

    Talked to Swearinger after practice and he said he was born to lead and looks forward to that role in Houston.
    Swearinger and Hopkins both laughed after practice about this little rivalry they've got going.
    Will add more but I think i'll space it out a little better

    Tweeters are Patrick Starr, Stephanie Stradley, Marc Vandemeer, and Tania Ganguli.
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    The always reliable Nate bringing the latest from camp. Keep it up Nate, I was getting ready to ask you about reporting from camp. I thank you sir.
    Edit/ just keep reporting and don't space them out, we are already spaced out enough from real football. Also Hopkins better watch out because Swearinger will level him out if he keeps staring him.
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      Brennan Williams I can't say enough of. I know it's the first day, in shorts and shirts, but he has something about him. Very athletic.


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        James Palmer from CSNHouston..

        To put it bluntly #texans 1st rd pick, @Nukdabomb is everything as advertised.


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          From Drew Dougherty

          Former #Arkansas RB Dennis Johnson is very fast. Looked explosive today at #Texans rookie minicamp.


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              Not sure how to link photos from twitter..


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                Originally posted by AngryNateFTW View Post
                From Drew Dougherty
                If two of running backs pan out, I see either trading Tate or not resigning him after this season. I know it's early but just saying.


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                  It's very possible.

                  Not sure how much Tate is worth now, though.. Barely saw him in last season..

                  Kubiak said DeAndre Hopkins and Alan Bonner both have a chance to help #Texans improve in yards after catch
                  Gary Kubiak on DeAndre Hopkins' 1st practice: "Impressed. Very impressed. Very competitive, thatís number one." #Texans


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                    Not sure how I feel about this one..

                    Kubiak on @casekeenum7: ďItís automatic for him now. I think Case is fixing to be extremely competitive with TJ and Matt."


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                      As far as PM practices I might be busy and won't be able to post. We'll wait and see, though.


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                        Originally posted by AngryNateFTW View Post
                        Not sure how I feel about this one..
                        We will see in preseason.
                        Does he look like a QB that is on the rise to you Nate in those practices?


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                          Earlier today I was looking through who was going to be in camp and I saw a "Ben Turk" at first I was like..could it be? But didn't think so..

                          Apparently Nick had the inside scoop.

                          Former #NotreDame Punter Ben Turk, nephew of former #Texans punter Matt Turk, was in camp this am as well.


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                            Originally posted by AngryNateFTW View Post
                            Earlier today I was looking through who was going to be in camp and I saw a "Ben Turk" at first I was like..could it be? But didn't think so..

                            Apparently Nick had the inside scoop.
                            I assume they are just bringing in competition for our new punter to keep him interested at his old age. Otherwise the signings of old players might just be a failure.


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                              I was really hoping Hopkins would get an 80 number.