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  • Dear Gary

    Dear Gary Kubiak,
    I apologize for making fun of your Denny's menu, your zbs that used light mobile line men and cut back runners. I apologize for saying there is more to the playbook than the QB roll, waggle and play action. I apologize for saying you go to OD too much and that makes us too predictable. I would love to see offensive creativity or competence again. I would love to see good line play. Since you retired would you be willing to come to send us a playbook?

    1. Kelly, C, 2. Henry TE, 3. Shepard WR, 4. Ward DE, 5. Burns, CB, 6. Martinez ILB 7. Hall CB

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    LOL, I agree with your open letter.

    It's crazy to think that Gary was fired, bounced around in Baltimore, went to Denver, won a Superbowl, retired, came back as a consultant for Denver and all this time Rick is still our GM! Man life is great for Rick!