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    John McClain @McClain_on_NFL
    Crennel, 69, said last week he wants to keep coaching and never thinks about retirement. I expect him to return for 4th season with Texans.

    Over last 8 games Texans allow average of 68 yards rushing and 2 TDs, league bests during that period.

    Crennel deserves serious consideration for assistant coach of the year. His defense has been carrying a dreadful offense.

    Crennel's defense is No. 1. Texans have never finished first. No Watt. 20 different starters cause of injuries. 14 different combinations.
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      Romeo is a very good DC because like most DCs that are good he is smart with his "base" set and thinks outside the box at times to either target a specific situation or player. Best, he tinkers and puts players into a position to be better than they might be as far as talent. Afterall name the pro bowl players he had in NE. You notice that most of them are repeats year to year? The rest of the D had alot of guys who are blue collar, not fancy but put in a position that as a unit just works. Similar to Hoodie being able to stick unknown or long past their prime players in and still have the results many teams have to draft high to make work.

      I was always curious what Hoddie could have done with Rice had he snagged him after he didn't make the roster in Denver his last season
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        Yep, he's got the guys doing their jobs.

        RAC said he didn't want to retire... if Matt Patricia (DC Patriots) gets a HC job I bet we lose Mike Vrabel to New England?
        If you're not following the Astros, you are doing Houston sports wrong.


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          Too often, first time coaches hire inexperience coordinators or their unqualified buddies. See Kubiak's first DCs or O'Brien's OC.

          Hiring Crennel and staying out of his way, has been O'Brien's best decision as HC.


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            Yeah as really Crennel will get another H.C. job. But still he is a great assistant.
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