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    Originally posted by Matt_in_KW View Post

    Let's just say it plainly.
    Romo may get us 1-2 more wins, a better position in the playoffs. That's great...and then look at him in the playoffs. Choke.

    He cant handle it at all. So good regular season numbers and position in the playoffs is ZERO without a QB who wins the playoff game. Look at his record and take note that the Texans and Cowboys (since we arrived and had washed up talent and rookies) have a very close playoff record. Who was the QB of the Cowboys? Romo.

    I would rather get a good player in the draft and let Savage run the show for a season. At least Brock won his 1st playoff game, Romo and Brock are equal in terms of playoff ability and Romo is good for a fantasy football QB (was unknown now) during the REGULAR season only.

    Ill take Mahomes and Savage and anyone else, Romo is a waste of money.

    Romo is a good QB for the regular season if he isn't hit hard. Maybe he gets 10-11 Wins. We would love to see it. And then come playoff time he chokes and EVERYONE wants to know why we bothered. The trash talk will start with rumbling about a bad game or 2. And everyone who has been on this board knows it's fact. It can't be disputed by anyone.

    Savage and I will even go with Brock as a backup and pray Savage stays healthy are perfect for here and now. Savage knows what to do and he shows it. I would take Weeden over Romo any day. At least he knows the system. Romo shows up and then the system gets goofed up. He has to learn it first and then operate it. The last QB we had that was like that...Brock and look how he did.

    The only QBs that operates the system right are Savage and Weeden on our roster. And they have the same thing in common, more than a few months to learn it. The QBs we have used since OB got here thanks to bad management have 1 thing in common. ALL have either played in a similar system or the same one in NE. And if you think Romo would not want money, think again. He has been the starter for how long in Dallas? He won't just arrive and take a massive pay cut. Jerry gave him a huge deal and if you want him you better be willing to pay as a guess 8mil a year. Due to the injury factor maybe 5, but he will ask (and McNair will do it) for incentives to make up for less money. He plays well in the regular season (in the Dallas system) so "x" mil for TDs and "X" for yards... he would probably get near 8-10 and he may stay healthy. Then come playoff games and he chokes as always.

    Romo=Brock 2.0 cash wise and we have players to resign.
    I liked Dak last year. I liked Carr. And I equally don't like Mahomes. He throws way too many lateral passes in that system. And yes I know you've seen 12 hrs of film.. but I could barely sit through 12 mins. He seems to be very much a product of the system. I could be wrong.. but I get a bad feeling in my gut about him. I don't really feel great about any QB coming out this year honestly. But Mahomes seems like a good career backup at best.

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      If we attempt to sign Romo we are most likely out of the running to re-sign Bouye.

      Sadly, we have to build through the draft and re-sign our core players. We need Bouye to stay.


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        Originally posted by AngryNateFTW View Post
        If we attempt to sign Romo we are most likely out of the running to re-sign Bouye.

        Sadly, we have to build through the draft and re-sign our core players. We need Bouye to stay.
        AJ is becoming a shut down corner and they don't grow on trees. Romo would not be as cheap as some think. We have about 3 players we really need to keep, and we will have multiple players after next season. Anyone we bring in must have as few question marks as possible. Romo as I said might be good for 10-11 wins but he is also prone to get hurt and we aren't in the market to get players who have a history of injury. Minor injuries maybe if they have played with it and had no issue...major injuries that involved missing time we have to avoid.
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          Ed Werder @Edwerderespn
          Source says Tony Romo expecting release, not trade, and believes he can start as #NFL QB 2-3 more seasons despite turning 37, injury history
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            Originally posted by H2O4me View Post
            Ed Werder @Edwerderespn
            So that probably means Texans bid against nobody and give up a top draft choice to get him.